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  5. "Minkäkokoista paitaa etsit?"

"Minkäkokoista paitaa etsit?"

Translation:What size shirt are you looking for?

June 27, 2020



I'm more worried that the English sentence is very odd here.


Nope. It's correct.


I see, that appears to be the case, oddly enough I never encountered this construct before and it sounded odd to my non-native ears. Need to study minor determiners, I guess.


I wouldn't worry to much, I'm a native speaker and it sounds really weird to me, it depends on your region.


I guess that adding an ´of´ or switching the word order (´shirt size´) may seem more natural and less odd.


As a native English speaker, "what sized shirt" sounds much better. "size shirt" is two nouns after each other trying to form a phrase, which sounds off to me. However when I was given the task as translating from Finnish to English it still accepts "sized" (albeit as a typo), so that direction isn't broken. [edit: Thinking about this more I decided to google "size shirt" (with the quotations), and you get a lot of results. So apparently it is used by a lot of speakers.]


"What size shirt are you looking for?" is absolutely correct.

If you google "what size shirt" (in quotations) it gets 74,500 results.

If you google "what sized shirt" (in quotations), it gets 303 google results, and immediately under the search box it says " Did you mean: "what size shirt"? "

"What sized shirt" could be suggested as an alternative response, since the point here is to learn Finnish (not English) and clearly anyone who writes that as the translation does understand the Finnish sentence. But I would definitely recommend leaving "what size shirt are you looking for?" as the primary translation.


Does "what shirt size..." work? It sounds right to me.


That would be more like "Mitä paitakokoa etsit?"

[deactivated user]

    I agree fully. +1


    I remember that, about a month ago, the main creator of this course asked in a forum how to say this correctly in English. Several native speakers responded with "what size shirt" being the preferred way - that's why we see it here now. Native English speakers often have widely varying opinions on what is correct, sadly. In many other languages it's much easier to look up correct grammar, because there's a central authority on the matter. English is scattered.


    Well "correct" grammar aside. I just thought no one would say that and it was a typo. So, now I know, to first maybe check google or something for what people actually say. :P


    I’m also a native English speaker and although I can see the logic of “what sized shirt”, I’ve never heard anyone say that. We also say “What size is that shirt?” instead of “What size does that shirt have?” even though the later makes more logical sense (shirts have a size, but shirts are not sizes). We obviously simply use “what size” as an adjectival phrase rather than as a noun phrase. Similarly, I say “I wear size 13 shoes,” and not “I wear 13-sized shoes,” even though there is a certain logic to the later sentence; people simply don’t say it that way.


    its funny because that's what i wrote even though i felt it sounds a bit weird, but i couldn't think of an alternate phrasing. that's just how a lot of people say it, even if it sounds weird to other native speakers.

    how about "what shirt size are you...", i don't know if ppl say it like that anywhere, but sounds better to me.


    It is fine. Depends on where you're from. In the Midwest US it works. They might leave out the "are" as in, What size shirt you looking for?


    "Minkä kokoista paitaa etsit?" is also correct


    I agree: minkä kokoista / minkä kokoinen and minkä väristä / minkä värinen should all be corrected. They are always two separate words.


    No, that's not true. Both are correct, as gammoncu writes: http://www.kielitoimistonohjepankki.fi/ohje/125.


    The translation without the ‘of’ is more American English whereas the British people would normally include the ‘of’. There are many differences between American and British English. Perhaps for Duolingo’s purposes both should be acceptable?


    Indeed! We just added the "of" option here, so it'll take a while before it shows up. There are several similar sentences in the course, so we'll have to check those, too.


    what shirt size or what size of shirt are the better choices


    “What shirt size” is odd to me. You’re looking for a shirt (a physical object), not a size (an abstract concept).

    “What size of shirt” sounds like something I’ve definitely heard in some dialects of English, but the “of” is definitely not universally needed and is very unnatural for me. I’d never say it that way.


    The English translation is correct.


    Minkä kokoista is correct whereas minkäkoista is not .Duo has got it wrong


    As mentioned above already, that's not true. Both are correct: http://www.kielitoimistonohjepankki.fi/ohje/125.


    what size of shirt sounds better


    In fact, as a non English mother tongue speaker, I was looking for the "of" to be put in but I'll have to believe in what they say. I know this is not an English lesson but for those who are a bit skilled in English is also a challange to learn another language through English and I'm proud of myself that I can do that.


    Yes, you should be proud! I have found that one of the best ways to learn a language really well is to study a third language through it. I think it is partly because it makes your second language (which normally would be the one that feels less familiar) suddenly be the "more familiar one" of the two languages and you feel more comfortable with it, and maybe also pay more attention to its nuances as you try to use it to help you learn the third one.. Anyway, your English appears excellent; to me it seems as though you don't "need" that type of practice to "help" you with English, since it is already very good. But I agree with you - learning any language through a language that is not your mother tongue is challenging, but it's also rewarding!


    Marja, there's a little secret in all of that, and not for the English but for the Finnish. My mum is Finnish but she stopped talking to me, and my brothers, when I was just 5 yo and also proudly (must be the Sisu fact) about not loosing what I learned then. Now, my daughter of 20 yo lives in Finland and I found this app DL that is helping me to regain, practice, learn and get a better knowledge of what is mine by nature and by someone's decision I almost lost. Kiitoksia teille kaikille


    Shouldn't "shirt size" be acceptable? 'what shirt size are you looking for?' / what sized shirt are you looking for?


    I was wondering do you need to say "minkäkokoista" or "minkä kokoista" as a native speaker i would with the two word separately.


    The course should allow several different translations to be correct here.

    What shirt size What size shirt What size of shirt

    Thank you!


    Remember to report the translation that you think are correct, so the volunteers can check


    Is "what size of a shirt ..." totally wrong?

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