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  5. "Hyi! Tämä juusto on mustaa!"

"Hyi! Tämä juusto on mustaa!"

Translation:Yuck! This cheese is black!

June 27, 2020



I'm confused why the partitive case is being used here. Is the cheese not entirely black?


juusto is an uncountable noun, so it triggers the partitive case.


Ok, but why does the partitive go to 'mustaa' at the end of the sentence while 'juusto' remains the same


It is explained now in the (new) hints for the Fridge lesson:

"In fact, if an adjective appears alone as a predicative, it is in the partitive singular whenever the subject it refers to is an uncountable noun.

Onko mämmi oranssia?
Is (the) mämmi orange?

Ei, mämmi on mustaa.
No, (the) mämmi is black."


This sentence to me seems countable as it is tama juusto. This cheese a countable amount.


You can say tämä juusto on musta if you are talking about a specific piece of a cheese. I don't know why people think it's incorrect. To me it sounds more correct.


Although I know that the sentence says "black" and not "brown" I was wondering if "brown cheese" is a thing in Finland, as it is in Norway (brunost) and I think in the other Scandinavian countries too.


Nope, not a thing in Finland.


Ah, ok, I see. Kiitos!


Unfortunately, as that Norwegian brown cheese is delicious!

We do have this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leip%C3%A4juusto. Of course typically served either in coffee (yup, that's right) or with cloudberry jam.


That Norwegian brown cheese is a matter of personal taste. :D
I don't like it. Hyi! Makea juusto!


Cheese ? ...in COFFEE? Chesus.


Bad news spinach, many or even most matured cheeses are 100% dependent on fungus - what you call mould - to develop their glorious character.


Here we think of bries, camemberts, all forms of blue cheese etc. etc.


My dictionary suggests translating hyi as ugh or, and I am not making this up. fie. Previously you have given yuk as the correct spelling but now you demand yuck, which I would prefer if you had not previously given yuk. Actually that is largely a child's word rarely written at all so spelling is not reliable.


Hyi is a word meant to imitate a puking sound. The best translations in English would be Yuck, Ugh, or Bleh. The first of those words has a standardized spelling, Yuck, the other two are difficult to transcribe.

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