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"Emmène-nous-y, on veut donner à manger aux singes !"

Translation:Bring us there; we want to feed the monkeys!

June 27, 2020



TAKE us there - Bring us is not good English


Nobody cares about this distinction in American English


Nobody cares? Clearly false given the discussion. "American" English? No, Brits and Americans are in agreement that this should be "take."

You missed an opportunity here. If you'd misspelled something you'd have had a hat trick of wrong.


I agree with CWKCA. Bring us and take us both work.

I would add that to French people, there isn't much difference between amener and emmener. This topic has been a very boring waste of time.


'Take us there' as opposed to 'bring us there'.


YEs, only Take works in this sentence in English. In any case, "take" is the definition of "emmener" in my French dictionary.


The french translation says the pronounciationof the letter Y i.e ee grecque instead of the correct pronounciation.


Note that "au singe" (currently not accepted) sounds the same as "aux singes".


Duo continues to use 'bring' when 'take' should be used. 'Bring' implies movement towerds something or someone; 'take' implies movement away from someone or something. In this sentence somone wants to be taken somewhere to feed the monkeys. It should therefore be TAKE.


Given this usage guideline of "bring" and "take", wouldn't "bring" be the appropriate verb here if the person to which the request is being made is already at the place with the monkeys, since that's the only spatial point of reference? For example, if you call someone who is at the zoo and they tell you that you could come as well.


Um, isn't "there" the place you are being brought to in this sentence? Presumably, where the monkeys are.


Dou, you've still got "Bring us there ..." instead of "Take us there..." and it's still poor English. Any chance of getting these fixed?


sounds fine to me....


Please Duo! You are making the same mistake in English over and over again. Please listen to your English speakers! Bring something here, and take something there.


Have you never had a bringaway meal?


Mike - that is a perfect example!


Yes, but we call it take out


Is it common to switch between "on" and "nous" in one sentence?


No, but here we have a direct object pronoun equivalent to the English us, the French only use nous in this case.



To reiterate, this sentence isn't switching between on and nous. Rather, on becomes nous when it is an object, meaning you can't say something like Emmène-on-y.


it shoul be pronounced "nou-zi" not " nou-igreque"


The sound is not correct "nous-y" = "nou-z-y" not "nou-i"


Surely the liason in nous-y is mandatory. (nu-zi in IPA, not nu-i). The female voice does not make the liaison, though. (Dec 2020. Now fixed.)


Agree - bring us there makes no sense in English. Take is better


"Bring and take", are used in a similar way to "come and go" i.e. it depends where the speaker is speaking from. Take me to the zoo = I want to go there. Come into the lounge and bring me an apple. (The speaker is already in the lounge and the other person is coming to them)


Bring us there....no ..but take us there ...yes...bring us there is simply bad translation.


monkeys/apes - both are les singes


In American English, "take us there" is absolutely the right way to say this. NOBODY says "bring us there." It just has a very wrong sound.


Why does she say, "Emmène-nous-'eegreck'" instead of "Emmene-nous-'eee'"? I know that "ygrec" is how one pronounces "y" in French, but it threw me off for a minute. Is this machine language?


Yes, the line of text is 'read' by a speech synthesiser. Seeing a lone y obviously confuses it. Older GPS devices, like Garmin and TomTom did the same. Type in Castle Dr. (Castle Drive) and the GPS said to turn left at Castle doctor.


Emmène-nous-y is mispronounced


It is an unfortunate quirk of Duo's algorithm that just has NOT been corrected over the (now) years. Some, not all, single letters are "pronounced" by name instead of by sound. "Y" is one of them... (I think there was another one I heard, once)

Don't expect it -("y")- to be fixed anytime soon. Just think of it as a bonus. You are being told how something is being spelt, and don't have to guess which is correct between "y" and something else sounding similar.


"Take us there. " No UK speaker would say "Bring us there" . I can see this is going to be a dreary battle against DUOSPEAK again.


This translation is very difficult for an English person to understand because we would always say 'take us there'.


Please Duo, in England we never say 'bring us there', we say 'take us there'. There is a distinction between bring and take. We are taught that you bring something to me, or you take me to something. It is very difficult to write a correct answer for Duo which would actually be incorrect in English. Please try and add this to the differences between English and American.


Thank you Jennifer. I completely agree. Neatly explained too. It's very vexing to be compelled by Duo to write English incorrectly.


Sorry, Duo. You get an F when it comes to language teaching. When such simple mistakes are made repeatedly in vocabulary, capitalisation, punctuation, syntax and tense use, and it takes years for a possible correction to be made, this can hardly be considered a professional product. A student teacher performing at this level would be taken aside and told that serious improvements would have to be made in order to pass the practicum. The fact that you seldom pay attention to feedback from your 'students' is a serious character fault and I think exposes that your interest in your so-called language learning app is more financial than educational. Many of your users have tried to encourage you and prompted you to make improvements but we see only knuckle dragging on your part. This is clearly a case where the students will learn in spite of the teacher.


emmene-nous-y voice saying y grecque again


Here we go again...


Take us there, we want give food to the monkeys! = not accepted Besides the audio says: EMENOUS Y GREC.... lol...


I wrote down "Take us there" because in this same session, there were two consecutive exercises that had "take us there" as the translation and the french equivalent according to Duo for one was "Emmene-y-nous". Guess what the Duo french equivalent was for the other: "Ammene-y-nous". I think even Duo doesn't know which is which.


Once again- take us there.


same as many below "bring us there " maybe bring us the food , we want to feed the monkies.

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