"Les bureaux de tabac du quartier ferment tous."

Translation:All the tobacco stores in the neighborhood are closing.

June 27, 2020

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In English we would expect it to say either 'All tobacco stores in the neighbourhood are closing' or The tobacco stores in the neighbourhood are all closing' But not 'All..are all closing', that seems totally wrong to me.


I agree. It's redundant to have "all" twice.


Same, no-one does that


We all think it is all redundant. Thankfully, Duo accepted "All the tobacco stores in the neighborhood are closing." August 4, 2020.


Amazingly, they actually changed the answer! More often than not, when we point out an error, they just allow the correct English as an alternative. But this time it's fixed! Dare we hold out hope that this is the start of a new era? I mean, probably not, but there's a chance!


That's because this tome it really was an error, not some off the wall complaint from poorly informed people on the internet, which is almost always the case.


Yes, whoever wrote this must work in the Department of Redundancy Department.


I typed "The tobacconists of the neighborhood are all closing" and it was accepted. It wouldn't have occurred to me to add the extra "all" except when I saw the suggested solution. Maybe this one should be reported with The English sentence is unnatural. Unfortunately I didn't have that option. I think I only get that option when I my answer is rejected.


It's time for us to make Duo revise his English!


All the neighbourhood tobacco stores are closing.

This was accepted for me.


Or even *tobacconists".


and the French doesn't repeat the ALL either.


Agreed! I was trying to figure out how they managed to get 'all 'twice in the English translation, when it isn't said twice in the French! Just all a mistake on Duo's part, then!


This exercise has been frustrating. One of my other translations was marked wrong because the word order was "incorrect" and English speakers wouldn't say that supposedly. I disagreed with that and reported it. But this one...I have never heard anyone say, "All the tobacco stores in the neighborhood are all closing". This is wordy and redundant.


Why not "tous" at the beginning?


because the 'all' is not at the beginning - the French says 'all closing' not 'all the stores'


Far too many words. All does not need to be used twice


Of all of the lessons that I have taken, this is by far the absolute worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In France tabacs are just called tabacs - I have only ever seen the use of BUREAU de tabac in official documents - Every French person I know - and i live in France - just calls it a tabac and it has no actual translation in English so even in English it is referred to as a tabac.


I said "...tobacconists' shops..." It was accepted, but I was told I had a spelling error: tobacconist's. That would mean there was 1 tobacconist who had more than one shop. My spelling is for 2 or more tobacconists.


I hope you pointed that out to them via the flag? It's the only way to make them understand. Though you'd think they'd know how to deal with possessives in English, as it's a lot easier than in French!


In a sentence like this, is it more common to have "tous" before "les bureaus" at the beginning of the sentence, or at the end as appears in the example? And am I right in guessing that there is no difference in meaning?


Too many words Duo. All the tobacco stores in the nrighbourhoid are closing should be accepted.


a “shop” is the English word for a store. Aren’t we translating into English? So what is wrong with “All the tobacco shops.........”


"The tobacco stores in this neighborhood are all closing". is not accepted. There is no "tous les bureaux" to indicate an "all" at the beginning of this sentence. To translate with "all" twice is ridiculous, especially since there is only one in the French sentence.


"All the tobacconists in the neighborhood are closing" was accepted I live in the US and I've only ever heard British people use the word tobacconist, but for some reason I just like it.


The French say "tabac", no "bureau de". And while we're about it, shouldn't the English be "All the tobacco stores in all the neighbourhood are all closing" - let's get that redundancy going!


A question for native French speakers. The French sentence seems awkward. Should it not be "Tous les bureaux de tabac du quartier ferment"? The way it's currently written, it sounds like the tobacco stores are closing all of something not mentioned (i.e. it sounds like an incomplete sentence).


Before any native speakers might answer, I'd like to point out that Les bureaux de tabac du quartier ferment tous does not literally translate to Duo's All the tabacco stores in the neighborhood are closing, or your The tabacco stores in the neighborhood are closing all (of something). It corresponds more closely to: The tabacco stores in the neighborhood are all closing. This latter and the original French sentence are largely parallel with each other. The conjugated verb in French (here, ferment) "moves" to the auxiliary position (when there's no auxiliary verb), which in the English version is occupied by are.


Thanks, in a later, similar question I did write "Tous les bureaux de tabac du quartier ferment" and it was marked correct.


While there are not many of them left, we still call them "tobacconists."


Zari's voice is insupportable...


Does this mean that the tobacco shops are closing down permanently or that they are merely closing for the day, and opening in the morning again?


This would make more sense as "The tobacco stores in the neighbourhood are all closing." Or, at the very least, if the sentence only had one "all".

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I think that 'newsagents' would be a better translation. I have not seen shops in the UK called 'tobacconists' but some speciality shops may exist. Newsagents, sell tobacco, cigarettes, newspapers, sweets and such like, but not metro tickets, so 'newsagent' is the closest translation of 'bureau de tabac'.


A newsagent doesn't necessarily sell tobacco or anything other than newspapers. A bureau de tabac is a very small shop or pop-up affair- a kiosk.


The translation from the French into English is terrible. It should be "all the tobacco stores in the neighborhood are closing."


Good! Smoking is a terrible habit to pick up anyway.


Where did the extra all come from?


Too many tobacco stores & too many alls!


"All the tobacco stores in the neighborhood are closing" is also not accepted. DuoLingo insists on the two "all" when there is only one in the French sentence.


Agreed. All twice here is awkward.


The translation isn't what the French sentence says to me. We use all in 2 places but the French do not


"All the neighbourhood tobacco stores are closing," was accepted.

Do you think "tobacco stores" (!) is what they call tobacconists in Duoland?


Would 'smoke shop' work or is it too vernacular?


24 November 2021: "The tobacco stores in the neighbourhood are all closing." accepted.


All the local tobacconists are closing


They must be fagged out :-)


I don't get it. Tous is not an adverb so why treat it like one? "All the tobacconists in the neighborhood are closing everything."


There's no everything. Everything is "tout" and "tous" means all.

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