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"Tuo ruotsalainen tuoli on vanha."

Translation:That Swedish chair is old.

June 27, 2020



Probably not from Ikea, then :-)

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Well, Ikea was founded in 1943, so... :)


Yeah, but I don't know if a chair from IKEA would last that long... :-)

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True! Though maybe their furniture was of a better quality back then..


it was! we still have some ikea furntiure from around 1972 that is really sturdy. It has been in everyday use since then and is still in perfect shape!


If you repair it, then yes. We've got some chairs for over 20 Years now in daily use.


I heard that Germans say IKEA stands for Idioten Kaufen Eben Alles.


Actually, it stands for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd: Ingvar Kamprad being the founder, Elmtaryd being his family's farm, and Agunnaryd being his hometown in Southern Sweden. The More You Know


The German acronym stands for "Idiots will buy anything", it's a joke.


Yeah, but Germans also love the Ikea furniture. And the stores. And the cafeteria...


Older pieces of furniture are often from Sweden too, or built in Swedish style. The Gustavian style was and is particularly popular. :)


"tuoli" must be related to German "Stuhl", Dutch "stoel", Russian "стул (stul) meaning "chair".


Probably borrowed from Swedish stol. Finnish doesn't like two or more consonants at the beginning of the word so s was dropped. Another example: spela (to play) became pelata.


What is the difference between this and that? I translated Finnish tuo as this, but correct should be that. I do not make any difference between this and that and in my native language we use the same word for both this and that. Could somebody explain, what is the difference between this and that and when to use what.


"This" is something that is near you. "That" is something that is further away.

Think, "This is next to my hand." "That is not within reach."


I also think that duolingo (or the finnish language) is very strict with this. There are words for this and that in my native language, but tämä/tuo and tällä/tuolla are still my #1 mistake on duo.

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