"Moi, je t'offrirais la Lune et le Soleil !"

Translation:Me, I would give you the moon and the sun!

June 27, 2020

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"the sun and the moon" is the more natural-sounding order in english.


Even if it were not, changing the sequence before and after "and" should not alter its function; however, if we're going for the English equivalent, it truly is "I would give you the Sun and the Moon." I was shocked they called it incorrect. Don't they understand "and"?!


Why are Lune and Soliel capitalised here?


Technically, they're proper nouns. Most people give them a capitalized title because they're used to the sun and moon being capitalized. Same with most other languages.


I don't understand downvoting of this response. It is conventional to think of worlds as proper nouns, as places with names, and they're capitalised in English.


Is this the French version of 'I would give you the sun and the moon'? By that I mean do they put moon before sun normally?


Even if they do they should accept the English order. I will put it in the incorrect English order just to finish the exercise.


It will also help you to remember the French word order. (If you actually have any interest in learning correct French.) It's like va-et-vient instead of "come and go".


In English we would never say "me" first


No we wouldn't, but I think this emphasis is not unusual in French


Yes but previously duo did not accept the first "me". Once again no consistency duo


Moi, je t'offrirai des perles de pluie venues de pays où il ne pleut pas.


Where I live (Anglo Canada) there are two standard phases: XXX would promise you the moon! And XXX would promise you the moon and the stars! I have never in my life heard...XXX would promise you the sun and moon (or the moon and the sun) but understand that this is how one would say the same thing in French. So, Duo, if you wish to use standard metaphors in one language, please allow the equivalent translations in the other. Here you are giving a literal translation...and it sound weird!


The second the us unnatural in English


They are not yours to give!


This may be just my own issue, dealing with severe hearing impairment, but with my hearing aid working properly, the volume up, and listening intently numerous times, and seeing the written French on the audio, I have a very difficult time correlating what i hear with the words I see. For me, at least, the speaker is either very unclear or misleading.


Audio is incomprehensible.


Why is "The moon and sun" without the second "the" wrong?

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