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"Osaan sekä tanssia että laulaa."

Translation:I can both dance and sing.

June 27, 2020



but is "both" really necessary? I can sing and dance" should be enough to say that


"I can sing and dance" would translate as "Osaan laulaa ja tanssia". I can both sing and dance translates as "osaan sekä laulaa, että tanssia". Sekä - että are always a pair.


I think another possible translation here could be: 'I can dance as well as sing."


That puts the two verbs on an unequal footing: the singing is a given but the dancing is not. That would be En osaa pelkästään laulaa vaan myös tanssia (lit. "Not only can I sing but also dance") in Finnish. :)


I would say 'I can dance as well as sing' means 'Osaan tanssia yhtä hyvin kuin laulaa'.


I can dance as well as I (can) sing...


That's what I was going to comment on. It's very awkward in English and since we're learning that etta also means and, in the context of both, it's not necessary to add both, is it?


Why että instead of ja?


It's part of a fixed expression sekä - että, which translates the meaning of "both" here. "Sekä" cannot be used with "ja" in a sentence like this.


I know how to both dance and sing, and many other valid phrasings, need to be accepted. I understand the need for "both", but osata (?) means that "can" and "know how to" are both valid translations (especially since osaan kiinaa means "I know chinese").


Shouldn't "I know how to dance and sing" be accepted as well?


In Finnish that's just "Osaan tanssia ja laulaa." But our expression 'sekä - että' means "both x and y" / "x as well as y".


Sing and dance - usually the English expression is in that order...


Ok, I don't think there is any preference in finnish. I would say either way. Freedom of choice. :D


It's for sure confusing that there is a new word for "and", but I will hope to remember the other comments explaining that when there's a "sekä" you'd want an "että". As others have also commented, I think the "can" option with this question would be more helpfully changed to "know how to", since I am just now learning "osata". Thank you!


It sounds odd in English.

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