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"Opiskelen historiaa yliopistossa."

Translation:I study history at university.

June 27, 2020



The university?


Why not at a university?


"I study history at university" sounds very British to this American's ear. I would be more likely to say "... at the university". It's similar to the way they "go to hospital" while we "go to the hospital".


In the US it would be more common to hear someone say "at college", even though where they go to college is at a university.


Yes, but duolingo probably choose "university" as the less ambiguous translation because "college" has several different meanings depending on the country.


In speaking English we don't say 'at university' ...we say 'in university'. Or we might say 'at the university'...the word 'the' is required to use 'at'


I wonder where the "yliopisto" form originates from? I know "yli" (over/on) is used rather liberally in portmanteau words and town names, but it's still unclear what its function is here (to me, anyway :p).


Well, if we remove "yli-", which looks like it might be related to "ylös" (a word I already know), meaning "up", we're left with "-opisto", which looks an awful lot like "opiskella" (another word I already know), meaning "to study", so perhaps a very liberal interpretation might be "upper school". Of course, that's only a guess.

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