"Cha toil leam piobar."

Translation:I do not like pepper.

June 27, 2020

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Just noticed piobar spelling when pepper is the object in the sentence. Only met piobAIR before. Is this correct?


Piobar is the correct nominative-accusative (subject and direct object form). Some exercises had (or still have?) piobair – this is a mistake in those exercises.

piobair is the genitive, it means of pepper, pepper’s.

(BTW, even though in English translation pepper is the object – in this Gaelic sentence piobar is the subject, it literally means something like pepper is not a-delight with me or pepper is not pleasant with me)


Mòran taing. I'm up to Food 2 on the course and up till now it has always been the genitive that I have seen. Your explanation is great and I'll try to "unlearn" this now.

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