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"There is a really old spruce growing in the big forest."

Translation:Isossa metsässä kasvaa tosi vanha kuusi.

June 27, 2020



Suuressa metsässä kasvaa todella vanha kuusi.


Yep this translation is wrong!!!


Since there seem to be an increasing amount of errors deeper into the tree (no pun intended!) can some one tell me if this doesn't work in Finnish?

Tosi vanha kuusi kasvaa isossa metsässä


I'm almost wondering if the "There is" part is the thing that changes the word order because it feels super weird to me otherwise.

According to previous lessons this: "A really old spruce growing in the big forest" would be translated to "Tosi vanha kuusi kasvaa isossa metsässä" which feels natural to me.

Testing this theory with google translate it actually puts "Isossa metsässä" in the beginning when start with "There is a really..." but at the end when you start with just "A really...".


You are entirely correct. :)


Wondering this as well!


I can't build any sensible sentence with the provided words


@PetteriUSA, That is the same setence I came up with!

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