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"Thank you!"


June 27, 2020



What's the difference between Kiitos and Kiitos sinulle? Wouldn't *Kiitos" just be "thanks" whereas "Kiitos sinulle" is actually "thank you"?


I would always translate "thank you" as "kiitos". "Kiitos sinulle" is very uncommon and sounds more like what you might write in a letter.


Yeah, fully agree.

I would expect that sentence to continue: "Kiitos sinulle A:sta ja B:stä" (or whatever), and even then it sounds a bit formal and stilted.


I could use it in a situation where the other tells me Thank you very much (Kiitos paljon.) but I think s/he did more for me, so I say No, thank you. (I'd use just plain "Kiitos sinulle." for that.)


"Kiitos sinulle" might be used e.g. in a situation where you reply to someone thanking you by thanking them also. "Kiitos kutsusta"(thank you for the invitation) "kiitos sinulle kun tulit" (thank YOU for coming)

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