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  5. "Voit sovittaa paitaa tuolla."

"Voit sovittaa paitaa tuolla."

Translation:You can try the shirt on over there.

June 27, 2020



Is "tuolla" refering to the shirt (i.e. "the shirt over there") or to where I can try it on? Or are both options possible?

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Tuolla refers to the place where you can try the shirt on. I can definitely see the idea behind the other option (and for some reason it doesn't sound horrible either!) but by convention everyone would understand this as referring to the place to go to try the garment on.

On other notes, Finnish has an expression of tuo tuolla (that thing over there) which usually has a context of e.g. physically pointing at something; If you said voit sovittaa tuota paitaa tuolla, by text I would understand you referring to the shirt - although it would be a bit ambiguous. But if you at the same time physically pointed at some place it would be clear to me that you want me to go there.


Paita doesn't automatically translate to it...

Edit: someone corrected this? I definitely had a translation of try IT on, not try the shirt on. Can't remember what sort of exercise it was though.


Nope, the question still doesn't accept "shirt" in the answer and shows "it" instead.

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It might be "half corrected" so that the right answer which we can see here just hasn't propagated over the whole Duolingo system.

[deactivated user]

    Why can't I say "... you can try on the shirt... "


    That should be accepted if it's not already


    The acccepted answer is 'you can try it on over there' but the question asks for 'you can try the shirt on over there'


    'Try on' is better (more correct) English than 'Try the shirt on' though both are acceptable


    Should: "You can try the shirt over there" be accepted?


    Shouldnt "you may try ..." be accepted??

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