"Léo is a snail; he only eats lettuce."

Translation:Léo est un escargot, il ne mange que de la laitue.

June 27, 2020

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Confused by when one uses la laitue or les laitues based on examples in these lessons.


Had some trouble deciding whether the right translation would be as written above, or possibly "Léo est escargot...", just as you might say, "Léo est journaliste." It turned out that my answer was correct, but I'm dashed if I knew why!


I left the article in place on the assumption that escargot wasn't a profession.

It could be, though. You never know. It could be the slang term for "mattress tester" or "professional sloth handler" or something similar.


Thanks for your humour. It made my day. You deserve a Lingot!


It's not often i laugh out loud at 5am


I was marked wrong on the last question on my last heart of a test out. I didn't put the article in because of the same reason. But this time it marked me wrong. There was nothing else wrong with the sentence. And if you have to use an article with an animal, how do we know that we are not talking about Leo in a metaphoric sense just like "Anna is a pig, she's always untidy". Or do we only leave articles out with professions?


I made the same mistake. I guess I was thinking that it's a profession to be a snail!


Thanks jojo, but my question meant to ask why the singular used with de rather than the plural of lettuce, as the snail only eats lettuce generally and nothing else.


shouldn't this be correct also: Léo est un escargot; il ne mange que des laitues

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