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Hindi Letters

I am a beginner in Hindi and I am currently on Letters 1 : Level 3/5. I have learned some letters and I am finally starting to write the word one in Hindi.

However, I have a problem. On my keyboard, I don't have the Hindi alphabet - only the English alphabet around some other keys for punctuation and other things. How am I supposed to type one and other words in Hindi? I don't want to use the Word Bank because I don't find that beneficial .. I actually want to be able to type out my answer and knowing what I'm doing. For Spanish, there are accents below the typing box when you write in Spanish, so why not the same for Hindi except with letters? Each lesson should have the letters related to the lesson that you learned, right?

Apart from the problem above, I have a Duolingo problem for the Hindi course. I typed the wrong answer "इक" for one and the system answered it correctly even though the real answer is supposed to be "एक."

I have just started to hear the sounds instead of reading the letters so I can find the sounds .. do you recommend me going through each choice and hearing how it sounds - then comparing it with the initial sound I need to find the sound I'm looking for?

June 27, 2020



If you are using the desktop version of Duolingo (either on an actual desktop or visiting www.duolingo.com on your phone's browser), you can switch between the word bank and a keyboard. The mobile app does not allow you to switch and has you use the keyboard only in the higher-level lessons.

As for the keyboard, if you're on your phone, you can just add Hindi as a keyboard language on Android/iOS and it'll allow you to switch between your regular keyboard and a Hindi keyboard. If you are on your computer, you can install a browser extension like Google Input tools (it works only on Chrome however) which will change your keyboard and also display the layout on the screen.

You lucked out with इक/एक. इक (in) is 'one' in certain Hindi dialects and is also used as an alternate form of एक when trying to be poetic (sort of like betwixt/between).


I figured out that you can write 'one' as ik and ek in Hindi. Therefore, now I have learned that both types are correct and I have figured out that this is why Duolingo accepts both Hindi.


If you do Duolingo on a tab or smartphone, then you could be able to type in hindi. Otherwise you will have to use the word bank

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