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  5. "Missä Venäjä on?"

"Missä Venäjä on?"

Translation:Where is Russia?

June 27, 2020



What is the etymology of Venäjä, out of interest?


From the Vends, a Slavic tribe. It's a Germanic loanword.


Why would it be "missä Venäjä on" rather than "missä on Venäjä"?


But I've been noted as wrong when I do that. Any hard rule on it?


From the tips: "Most Finnish question words are followed by words in the same order as they would be in a statement: the subject first, then the verb."

So, "Venäjä on maa" and "Missä Venäjä on".


Its safer to stick to the given word order as in other cases it changes the question slightly.


Why is it not "Millä Venäjä on?"? Doesn't "Venäjä" use the Adessive case instead of the Inessive case? (Eg: Olen Venäjällä instead of Olen Venäjässä)


Yes, Venäjä is conjugated Venäjällä instead of Venäjässä. But you can't change the question word like this. Where x is, Missä x on? is the question. You can't predict the answer conjugation in the question but use the normal question instead.


Half the other times they put "is" at the end of the sentence. I can't tell what situation puts the verb before or after the noun!!! arrrrhhhh


A question is formed with a question word + subject + verb. Missä Venäjä on? Kuka sinä olet? = Who are you? One would never ever ask "Kuka olet sinä?"

But as an example: Missä supermarketti on? Where is the supermarket? (One specific, you know and you expect the other person to know which one you mean) Missä on supermarketti? Where is a supermarket? (Any supermarket is fine for you)

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