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  5. "Where is the sauna?"

"Where is the sauna?"

Translation:Missä sauna on?

June 27, 2020



Both "Missä sauna on?" and "Missä on sauna" should definitely be accepted. As a finn I would rather say "Missä on sauna?" because it sounds more natural to me.


Can someone explain why it's sauna on vs on sauna*?


You can actually ask the question both ways, but there is a slight difference in meaning.

"Missä sauna on?" - Where's the sauna?

"Missä on sauna?" - Where's a (/the) sauna.

The latter way of phrasing the question makes "sauna" more indefinite.


Perhaps "missä on sauna?" can be interpreted as "is there a sauna (around here at all) or would "onko sauna lähellä?" be more appropriate?


I can tell this word order in questions is gonna catch me out a few times ^^

[deactivated user]

    Again word order in most cases is irrelevant, no matter what arguments are given here

    [deactivated user]

      These things still need fixing as part of this beta


      Missä on sauna? is correct as well


      duolingo is dum dum


      I definitely use missä on sauna or onko sauna missä. Missä sauna on sounds weird

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