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"Harrastatko sinä jalkapalloa?"

Translation:Is soccer your hobby?

June 27, 2020



It should also accept "is your hobby soccer" but doesn't


"jalkapallo" is even literally foot+ball, not soccer


yeah, duolingo just uses American English everywhere in every course. but it should accept other words than soccer, so if it doesn't, be sure to report!


Why is 'Is your hobby soccer?' wrong?


If that is grammatically correct as an English sentence, then it is just because someone hasn't thought about that form when adding allowed answers for this.


It would be grammatically correct in English, though with a somewhat different meaning or expected response - for example, "is soccer your hobby" (yes or no) or "is your hobby soccer" (or some other sport), so it's a difference of emphasis. I don't know if a similar difference in emphasis would be made in Finnish though.


Brits call soccer football


According to my Finnish friend, that Finnish sentence is incorrect. It has to be eithet "Harrastatko sinä jalkapalloilua?" or "Harrastatko sinä jalkapallon pelaamista?"


A fellow Finn here, "Harrastatko sinä jalkaoalloa?" doesn't sound wrong to me either. It is more likely to be what people say, too. But the two examples you got from your friend would not be wrong either, though one could argue that "jalkapallon pelaaminen" - "playing soccer" isn't exactly what the original English translation says.

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"Do you have soccer as a hobby?" was rejected. Isn't that a possible wording?

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