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"Olen suomalainen ja puhun suomea."

Translation:I am Finnish and I speak Finnish.

June 27, 2020



In English should be "I am a Finn and I speak Finnish. ???


Wouldn't both do? "I am a Finn" using a noun, "I am Finnish" using an adjective?


"I am finnish" doesn't seem to work for me. It only accepted "I am a Finn"


Would "Olen suomalainen ja puhun suomi" be grammatically incorrect? If so, why?


Suomi has to be changed to the partititive because it is the object of the sentence


"Olen suomalainen ja puhun suomea." is correct.


I believe because partitive is always obligated after the verb puhua, see the website Uusi Kielemme for more info :)

ps. Forgive me if I understood it wrong


Please, explain why "I am speaking" is incorrect?


"I speak" is used to signify the habitual action of speaking. Instead of saying it once or only at this moment, you are communicating that you regularly speak in a language. I believe "I am speaking" would be alright as a translation, but nobody would say it like that. I know that isn't an explanation based on Finnish grammar, per se, but I hope it helped a little bit.

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