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  5. "Tuossa on helmi."

"Tuossa on helmi."

Translation:There is a pearl right there.

June 27, 2020



Repeating "there" sounds redundant in English. "There is a pearl" seems like an acceptable translation as well, right? Or is it the case that this sentence in Finnish is really emphasizing that it's "right there"?


"Tuossa" means right there (near the listener) and "tuolla" means over there (far from the listener). English uses there is/are structure when showing location, so I think that the exact meaning is good to point out even though it does sound redundant in English.

So I would say that "Right there is a pearl" would be better translation.


It's not redundant because the first "there" and the second "there" have different meanings. The first "there" is a dummy subject, which is an element that does not exist in Finnish, and the second one is a place adverbial. It's important to note the structural differences between Finnish and English when learning Finnish on the basis of English.


Right there is a pearl - should be accepted, it may not be correct english but we're here to learn finnish and I find direct translations teach me more about the language I'm learning...
At least in situations like these were there are no good AE alternatives since we have been taught that tuossa means right there


'There is a perl' should be right


It is indeed right! You probably misspelled "peArl".


Right there is a pearl is what I use in English


Is "The pearl is right there" wrong? I have reported it as an alternative answer but I am not sure.


The first ''there'' is saying that the pearl even exists in the first place. The second ''there'' is saying where the pearl is, in this case right there(close by). The literal translation is ''Right there is a pearl'', but in English that's not proper grammar.


It seems like "A pearl is right there" would also be an acceptable translation.


The dictionary also translates "helmi" as "jewel", but here it's not accepted.


Jewel is a more generic term, like gem, gemstone or precious stone. In Finnish it's most often jalokivi.

Helmi refers to the object created organically inside different mollusks. The direct translation in English is pearl.

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