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"Onko tuo oikea rakennus? En halua eksyä."

Translation:Is that the correct building? I do not want to get lost.

June 27, 2020



"Is that the right building" should also be accepted.


Yup! Report, and it should be added.


Yes, I agree with that


Is that the right building? I don't want to get lost. Is correct and should be accepted!


Can eksyä be used in the same way that we in England might tell someone we don't like to "get lost"?


No, we don't tell people "Eksy!" at all. Instead, we might say for example "Mene pois!" (Go away!) or "Häivy!" (Disappear! / Fade away!) or "Suksi kuuseen!" ((kind of) Ski into a spruce!) or something more inappropriate that starts with "painu" or "suksi."


Oh, that's interesting! I tried to give the stronger alternative of "Eff off" (in Finnish, mind, with the proviso that you probably wouldn't want to try that on your Finnish boss), but Duo wouldn't let me - spoilsports! Oh, well ... there's always Google Translate ...


Why isn't don't want to accepted? As well do not want to and right building as well as correct?

[deactivated user]

    The first translation that appears if you select 'oikea rakennus' is 'right building', yet it is not accepted


    This is more for my curiosity than anything else, and I know that idioms don't often translate directly, but might you use some form of the word "eksyä" when telling an annoying person (like me?) to "Get lost!" (= "go away and stop bothering me")? :)


    Oh, sorry! I just replied to Triple HBK above on that same topic. We don't tell people to "eksy!" at all, but if you're interested in what we do say, you can read my earlier reply.

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