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"Mr. Pöllönen, the sauna is cold!"

Translation:Herra Pöllönen, sauna on kylmä!

June 27, 2020



Hardly anybody ever uses "herra" or "ruova" in all day live, except for if you meet the president. Not in school or university, not when dealing with authorities or police and for sure not when talking to ordinary people. All day life's conversation is based on 1st names and "sinä". Maybe "herra" and "ruova" could be taught in a later unit during course and learning 2nd person singular could be stressed more in those introductory lessons as "herra" and "ruova" sounds really posh and old fashioned.


It is "rouva" but I agree with your point. I have used "herra" and "rouva" only in the military, or when joking that someone is a very important person. Not commonly used/needed.

Maybe it is in the beginning of the course because that is common in English?


"Herra Pöllönen, you've let Suomi down with that fridge of a sauna!"


what is the difference between kylmä and kylmää?


Kylmää is the partitive form of kylmä. It's a different case that is used in several different instances that I suppose will come up later in the course (to just name one example, it's used after numbers, like 'kaksi kylmää olutta' = two cold beers).


Only finnish problems.. :)


Unforgivable, Mr Pöllönen

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