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"My grandmother only wears gold jewelry."

Translation:Ma grand-mère porte seulement des bijoux dorés.

June 27, 2020



We previously learned that "gold" (as in made of gold) is "en or" e.g. "une bague en or" = "a gold ring". "Doré" seems to mean gold coloured so is appropriate for clothes as in other phrases in this lesson. So is "en or" better here?


I don't have the answer but maybe she also wears gold coloured any jewelry.


But "en or" should be accepted here, as the sentence could mean that my grandmother refuses to wear gold-plated or gold-coloured jewelry and only wants the real thing. This problem is everywhere in this new lesson. They have introduced the new words "doré" et "argenté" which refer to the colour rather than the material, and they are insisting we only use them, even in cases where "en or" or "en argent" would work equally well.


"ma grand-mère ne porte que des bijoux en or" not accepted for some reason?


Je préfère les bijoux argentés, pas toi ? mais grand-mère porte seulement des bijoux dorés.

je ne comprends pas la différence en ce qui concerne les deux cas au-dessus qui utilisent soit < les > ou soit < des > ... merci d'avance pour une explication....


jewellery = la bijouterie

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