"Il ne se brossait les dents qu'une fois par mois."

Translation:He only brushed his teeth once a month.

June 27, 2020

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Et maintenant il ne se brosse pas du tout les dents...... parce qu'il n'a plus de dents


He used to only brush his teeth once per month - rejected :


I have to assume all these sentences are about Duo's ex Thomas.


Well, In my years here I never heard that Duo had a relationship with anybody in particular. Where did you get this Thomas from? Is Duo a boy?


one time per month/ once a month/once per month are all good English translations of the French phrase


"He used to brush his teeth only one time per month" - rejected why? (and I'm a native English speaker)


Same question, he used to only brush his teeth once a month. Complete guess work as to whether or not Duo wants us to use 'used' or not.


He didn't use to brush his teeth but once a month - why not? Or He didn't brush his teeth but once a month - why not?


Because it's the opposite of what you're trying to say (a double negative): "He would (or used to) brush his teeth but once a month.".

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