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"Minä katselen ja katselen kahta tummaa pilveä."

Translation:I keep on watching two dark clouds.

June 27, 2020



As a native speaker I find it hard to understand what the finnish frase tries to say. I translated it "I am watching and watching..." and it wasn't accepted. Very strange sentence imo.


Yeah, this one is awkward in both languages.


same for me, my answer was not accepted because was missing the 'keep' but I do not see this in the finnish phrase


There is no direct equivalent for the word "keep", as it would have been used in this context. I guess the repetition (katselen ja katselen) is meant to be understood as something that just continues and continues aaaaand continues aaaaand... But still this is not a good Finnish frase. "Minä vaan katselen ja katselen..." would be much more natural.


There is no continuous tense in Finnish I think, so it's kind of hard to convey the right meaning. But I think I am watching and watching should be acceptable besides I keep watching and watching.


Sorry to say but Tauno is very wrong, which confuses me as an actual native speaker, but let's give him the benefit of the doubt and assume his English isn't that good. The word "keep" in this context in Finnish is "to continue", "jatkaa".

Examples: "Jatka katselua"/"Keep watching", "Jatketaanko peliä?"/"Shall we keep playing"

And it works with every single example you can name that uses "keep (doing something)". So the correct phrase that this should be is "Minä jatkoin kahden tumman pilven katselua".

The fact that it hasn't been fixed for more than 8 months is very sad. This phrase simply is not finnish. It's gibberish.

And this is the language where these 2 quotes have the exact same short story with nothing added or removed:

"Ämmäkkim meni saunaha emoilemmaa, kinnisteli ja punnisteli kaikem päivää saunassa, mutta minä menin saunaan ehtoolla ja sam poika et tuup sie kattoommahan ja poika tuli että pulpahti."

"Vaimonikin meni saunaan synnyttämään. Hän ähisi ja punnisti koko päivän siellä. Itse kun menin sitten saunaan illalla, niin poikani pyysi minua tarkistamaan tilannetta. Silloin totesin, että olin saanut uuden pojan."


'Watching and watching' is a literal translation and should be as acceptable as 'keep on watching'


This is an awful representation of Finnish, and entirely wrong. While a verb can exist twice to denotate that something takes a long time and is frustrating in both english and finnish, it is NEVER in present tense.

English : I kept looking and looking and couldn't find it.

Finnish : Minä katsoin ja katsoin, mutten löytänyt sitä.

This also can't even be translated in any way, as it's grammatically and structurally incorrect... and so is the English translation.

Here's the correct version so that it fits the (corrected) translation:

English: I kept watching two dark clouds

Finnish: Minä jatkoin kahden tumman pilven katselua

or Finnish: Minä jatkoin kahden tumman pilven seuraamista.

Seuraamista means "to follow something", but you can do it with your eyes as well. However, be careful as there's a pitfall:

Finnish: Minä seurasin kahta tummaa pilveä

English: I followed two dark clouds

This case implies you physically follow them, unless defined in a previous sentence that you were watching them. To correct for this, you'd need to say:

Finnish: Minä seurasin kahta tummaa pilveä katseellani

English: I followed two dark clouds with my eyes (direct translation is "with my gaze", but this is rare in english)

This is just plain old wrong on every regard. Yes, i'm a native speaker, and also a teacher.


You can also use looking and looking.


¨I watch two dark clouds over and over ¨ not accepted, reported. This translation is correct, right?


That's more like watching them separate several times (it's less odd if you think of videos instead of clouds: one loooooong session of watching and watching the same long video, or going back to watch the same videos every day).

In Finnish, your sentence would be Katselen kahta tummaa pilveä uudelleen ja uudelleen / uudestaan ja uudestaan.


Absolutely not. "Over and over" means something takes place after one another, repeatedly. This is different than saying "time and time again".

I can hit a nail over and over with a hammer and this never means that i am doing it without them being consequent hits. It means specifically that i am doing a consecutive action. Hitting the nail time and time again would mean there is a delay.

I am not sure why you're not giving a proper translation there, or accepting a correct error report.


It would be nice if it accepted I am watching and watching rather than I keep watching and watching - either way I think something has clouded Duolingo's judgement


Both "I am watching and watching" and "I keep watching and watching" are accepted.


Minä jatkan kahden tumman pilven katselua.

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