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"Kello on tuossa, mutta missä kalenteri on?"

Translation:The clock is right there, but where is the calendar?

June 27, 2020



I dont think the answer needs the word "right".


It is possible they want to point out the difference between "tuolla" and "tuossa". "Tuolla" (there) is a bit more far away than "tuossa", which is kind of so close that you can touch it. "Tässä" (here) would be even closer.


Yep, they are translating "tuolla" as "over there" and "tuossa" as "right there". "Tuolla" is more vague (somewhere over there, you can e.g. wave your hand towards the approximate direction to indicate where), while "tuossa" is more specific (precisely there, you can e.g. point your finger to mark the spot).

(The same goes for "täällä" (over here) and "tässä" (right here) and "siellä" (over there) and "siinä" (right there).)

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