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"Tyttö ostaa mämmiä, kermaa ja sokeria."

Translation:The girl is buying mämmi, cream, and sugar.

June 27, 2020



I am using the report feature, but just pointing out that a lot of these accept either present continuous or present simple, but not the other one - even if the Finnish sentences are basically the same except for the subject.


Yes, the course is still young and it is our duty to help build the base of accepted translations by reporting the missing ones.


On my Mac or iPhone I can switch keyboards really easily, but adding an umlaut in Windows is problematic for me, as it likely would be for many people without regards to their OS.

I understand that the contributors preferred not to translate certain words, but when using them in English I think they should not require an umlaut, since umlauts have no part in the English alphabet. Perhaps both "mammi" and "maemmi" could be used/accepted instead.


Also: "Tyttö on ostamassa..." - especially in a context of telling someone where the girl is.


Could mämmiä be also translated as "some mämmi"? I've seen a lot of examples in this course of partitive being translated as "some/any + noun".


There is no description what type of dessert 'mämmi' is. It's problematic to learn a word without having any concept of the meaning of the word.

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