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"Kuppi kahvia, mustana, kiitos."

Translation:A cup of coffee, black, please.

June 27, 2020



Shouldn't be "one cup of black coffee, pleazs" would be the semantically right answer? "One cup of coffee black please" sounds unnatural


"Mustana"? Why is the adjective in essive here instead of partitive?


It's the way Finns say it, "coffee as black". You could also say "kuppi mustaa kahvia", but when ordering at a café, you would typically say it separately because it is additional information (like "kuppi kahvia, maidolla" would also be).


Ymmärrän, Tämä on suomalaisen 'tekninen' puhu tapa.

Ensi pää-informaatio, ja sitten extra informaatio.


What is "maidolla"?


With milk.


As near as I can tell (from reading Wikipedia), it's in essive because the adjective, "black," is being used to describe the present state of something that could potentially change.

But yeah, I'm on my way toward thoroughly lost, too.


However, the change part is not always essential. When people talk about their own views and opinions, it's the essive that often gets used. You, for instance, might say "sellaisena henkilönä, joka kirjoittaa ammatikseen, sanoisin, että tuo pilkku on väärin" (as a person who writes professionally I'd say that that comma is wrong).

A common way of saying "if I were you" (jos olisin sinä) is "sinuna" (sinuna en joisi kahvia mustana - if I were you I wouldn't drink coffee black).


Tämä lause täällä on minusta erittäin hyödyllinen!


I might tell a server "A cup of coffee, black, thanks" (meaning the same thing as above), and since (I think) it is the literal interpretation of the Finnish anyway, it ought to at least be accepted. :)


The English syntax in the answer is wrong. I wish Duolingo was consistent. Either keep the Finnish word order, which I would prefer, or use English syntax but not bugger about between the two.


It would be perfectly acceptable syntax for dialogue if they changed that first comma (in the English) to a semicolon.


let´s not be too picky!


LOL Sorry; I'm a professional writer.

For the record, I have no problem with it as it is: the lesson is teaching what it intends to teach, which is the essive form.

(BTW, nice use of apostrophe on "let's." ;-) )


I also write a bit, but as an amateur. Indeed, it is good to be as precise as possible.


I know captain Picard says 'earl grey black' but the rest of us say 'a cup of black coffee'!

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