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  5. "How many pigs do you own?"

"How many pigs do you own?"

Translation:Montako sikaa te omistatte?

June 27, 2020



You can also say "Kuinka monta" = "How many"


In some previous lessons it was "kuinka moni". Is it also correct to say that?


No, "moni" has to be in the partitive, i.e. "monta".

"Kuinka moni sika" - nominative (if you want to have the pigs be the subject of another sentence)

"Kuinka monta sikaa" - partitive

"Kuinka monta sikaa omistat?" - How many pigs do you own?

"Kuinka moni sika elää täällä?" - How many pigs live here?


Ok, so 'kuinka monta' is accepted (just checked) in place of 'montako'. Is there any practical difference between these two sentences?


Not much. You're a bit more likely to hear montako in spoken language, whereas kuinka monta is somewhat more common in writing. The third possibility is miten monta, which is a bit more common in speech than in written language. :)


Nobody seems to have explained why 'kuinka moni' is incorrect. 'Kuinka moni' would have to be the subject of the sentence - 'the one doing the "doing" '. Kuinka moni (for instance, lapsi - child) haluaa maitoa? How many children (yes, singular in Finnish, plural in English) want milk? 'Kuinka monta' is easier understood when you first form a sentence like 'minulla on monta sikaa' - I have many pigs. You cannot say 'minulla on moni sika'. You then change that into a question: 'kuinka monta sikaa minulla on?'. Many questions are easier understood when you start thinking about an affirmative sentence that relates to the question. I sincerely hope this helps.


Thanks for this. One thing I'm still not sure about is why does minulla on moni sika not work? Does minulla need a partitive by default?


In possessive sentences with the word order possessor-on-subject, a singular countable subject would be nominative. Thus 'Minulla on sika' "I have a pig".

However, I believe a plural subject or an uncountable subject would need to be partitive. Thus 'Minulla on ruokaa' "I have food", and 'Minulla on sikoja' "I have pigs" (where sikoja is partitive plural).

Grammatically, moni/monta is singular; the plurals would be monet and monia. But the meaning is plural, and it looks like it follows the same case rules as a plural.

And I'm not sure you can put a number before moni/monta, so perhaps it also makes sense for it to follow the rules of an uncountable noun.


Whats wrong with paljonko here?


That would by how much rather than how many. :)


My answer was "Montako sikaa omistat sinä?" and was counted wrong. I didn't report it because I wasn't 100% positive that I didn't have errors in verb form or word order, but it seems to me that it should be accepted.


The word order doesn't work in normal usage. It emphasizes the sinä. It sounds like you're asking it from several people in a row, pointing at someone saying How many pigs do you own?. Even then it sounds a bit odd.

The normal word order for questions has the subject before the verb, unless the verb is also the question word and begins the sentence.


Why not "omistatte te"?

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