"On a eu des bons moments et des moments difficiles."

Translation:We had some good times and some hard times.

June 27, 2020

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Why is it des bonnes moments and not de bonnes moments?

I thought that des becomes de if there is an adjective in front if the noun. We're not even using the verb être so that can't be the reason.

Can someone explain?


Moment is masculine and you are right about des becoming de when an adjective comes before the noun. Duo is wrong. It should be,
"On a eu de bons moments et des moments difficiles." I will report this.


I am reporting too. I had exactly the same question, unless there is some exception for bon! (Always possible in French.)


There are so many exceptions in French - I wondered too.


Sorry, but no. The only correct word here is "de" because there is an adjective directly preceding a plural noun and the discussion you mentioned does not say anything to the contrary for sentences with the same structure as the sentence in this exercise. This teaching website is much clearer: https://french.kwiziq.com/revision/grammar/use-de-d-instead-of-des-in-front-of-adjectives-preceding-nouns-partitive-article I hope this is helpful.

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    Thanks. I think I get it. J’ai des tres grands lapins. I own some rabbits that are really big (like jack rabbits). J’ai de tres grands lapins. I own some really big rabbits (they are bigger than the norm for their kind).


    The adverb "très" reflects a different sentence structure than the one in this exercise. Please see my link below.


    is "bons moments" being treated as a single word perhaps ?


    Why is this des rather than de? I thought that des turned into de when preceding a plural noun with an adjective in front.


    Since 'moments' is not accepted in the translation, how would you translate "We had some good moments and some hard moments"?


    Yes, "We had (some) good moments and (some) difficult moments" were not accepted, reported.


    Exactly as the sentence is given. In fact, "moment" is given as a translation of "moment." It's just that these new sections are very incomplete, so we just have to keep reporting alternative answers


    Charles Aznavour sings 'Nous avons eu DE bons moments' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcpKAlRjDQM Nice song.


    i think, It should accept "...good and bad times"


    des hauts et des bas maybe


    Why does bons come before and difficiles after their respective moments?


    The short answer is that 'Bon' is a 'BANGS Adjective' and 'difficile' isn't.

    "For placing adjectives before the noun Follow the BANGS (or BAGS) rule
    B: beauty
    A: age
    N: number/newness
    G: greatness/goodness
    S: size"


    The problem is that the audio clearly says "on a eu des bons moments..." but that's grammatically incorrect. How do I report? I chose "something else went wrong" because typing "on a eu de bons moments..." is an incorrect transcription of the audio.


    Why isn't "moments" accepted as the English translation? It makes perfect sense in English.


    Why isn't "moments" accepted for the word "moments"? It's an accepted translation, yes? I why wouldn't you use "temps" for "times"?

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