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  5. "Do you have a new boyfriend?"

"Do you have a new boyfriend?"

Translation:Onko sinulla uusi poikaystävä?

June 27, 2020



Why is it "Onko sinulla uusi poikaystävä?" but "Onko sinulla poikaystävää?" (partitive)


The partitive (poikaystävää) indicates that you, the asker, do not know if the person has a boyfriend (so the answer could be negative) whereas the nominative (poikaystävä) implies that the asker knows, or thinks that they know, that the person has a boyfriend and is e.g. expressing surprise. But in everyday conversations these two do overlap.

You can also ask:

"Onko sinulla uutta poikaystävää?"


"Onko sinulla poikaystävä?"


uutta poikaystävää was marked wrong


Thanks but I wasn't thinking about "uusi", but rather about "ystävä" vs "ystävää".


You could use the nominative form (ystävä) in both cases, even if it's marked wrong in Duolingo. I'm a native Finn and can say that the nominative form is a lot more common in this case than the partitive one


Great to know that. That was my initial thinking, before I was led to believe otherwise by this course.

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