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  5. "Miksi suomi?"

"Miksi suomi?"

Translation:Why the Finnish language?

June 27, 2020



Because I wanna show off on the Duolingo forums when I speak such a difficult language ;)


Haha, likewise for me! Not all learning a difficult language do it to attain a certain goal—it is perfectly valid to study for the sake of curiosity.

In the end, not only will you impress others for learning such a difficult language—you might even learn a thing or two from Finnish culture! That is the best part, I would say. :P


As a native Indonesian I find finnish pretty easy compared to italian or russian (so far). But lets see whats coming next XD


Agree. As a native Indonesian, I feel Finnish and Estonian are easier than learning English at the first time :))


one day shouldn't be finnish used as much as English instead??! ( I agree it is easier)


Italian is easy , Finnish is one of the hardest


Though duolingo makes it very easy


Because I am a wizard!


Because I am a fennoswedian derpface that has lived here my whole life without learning a usable amount of finnish >.>


Because of Finnish metal bands !


Nightwish, Tarot, Brother Firetribe, Wintersun, Swallow the Sun, Insomnium, Children of Bodom, Bodom After Midnight, Sonata Arctica, etc. :-)

Also because of Raskasta Joulua!


You forgot Amorphis!


Sonata Arctica, Apocalyptica, Insomnium, Amorphis, Nightwish, Battle Beast and Stratovarius are my main Finnish bands. There are so many good ones I still have to check out!

I watched the Raskasta Joulua live stream, it was fun to order a ticket on a full Finnish website! ^^


awesome taste!

I started for similar reasons, then I found so many great bands that sing in finnish, it's great motivation. Check out Mustan Kuun Lapset, Stam1na, Mokoma or Kaunis Kuolematon :)

Also is that Marko on your profile picture? :D


Yes, it is! It was taken last February in Paris after the last show of his solo tour. I'm so sad he decided to quit Nightwish and the music world, but I get where he is coming from, I don't blame him at all! I have his solo album in Finnish and I'm always happy when I understand words here and there when I listen to it.

Kiitos for the bands suggestions!


where to watch (free) finnish movies, I wonder!


Lucky! I've not been able to get a ticket to the Nightwish livestream show; my band refuses to play nice with the European pay sites.

Also, have you progressed enough to understand some of the chatter in videos? I watched the 2011 Tarot video of Wings of Darkness, and while the subtitles claim Sakari tells Marko "Shut up and play," I swear the first word out of his mouth is "Opettaja," only I can't quite make out the rest of it. He's certainly saying more than shut up and play, though!


I would say Finntroll, but they sing in Swedish! That said, I'm having online growling singing lessons with their lead singer Vreth, and I think (?) his mother tongue is Finnish, so I might attempt to slip in a few Finnish words next time I have a lesson with him. That's one incentive to learn Finnish!


Especially Moonsorrow


Have you seen Heavy Trip (Hevi reissu) the movie? It's about a (fictional) Finnish metal band and is utterly hysterical! I did attempt to decipher the trailer recently but the only word I could make out was granny!


Because I'm obsessed with Finland!! Hyvä Suomi!


Because it's musical and lovely. And Sibelius is my favourite composer (Symphony II ❤️)


Because it's the most beautiful language I've ever heard and is grammatically interesting.


I want to exchange to finland so bad, hopefully I can next year if the virus is clear by then!


Nice! Good luck and I hope you can do so next year! :D


Why Finland-miksi Suomi. Why the Finnish language - miksi suomen kieli?


Your examples are correct on their own. However, here suomi is with a lowercase letter, so it's the language not the country.


Interesting that referring to the language is made using lower case, the Jyväskylä university language tutors always used Suomea so distinguishing the country from its language can be tricky.


Exactly what I thought the question meant.


Because I grew up speaking Finnish. 25 years later I only remember parts of it. Duolingo is very helpful!


I'm a little paluumuuttaja boy trying to go back to his homeland, and learning Finnish is something I've gotta do for my citizenship test!


because my ultimate life plan is living there


It's everything it's cracked up to be, and more. Hope you get yourself over here :)


Because almost no swedes care about learning finnish, despite our long history. And to help my half finnish fiancee speak finnish more often


Because I will be going on a student exchange to Helsinki for four months (starting this September). Therefore, thank you, Finnish course contributors, your course came just in time! I will be practicing hard this summer! :D


Welcome! I hope you'll have an inspirational and pleasant time here. :) (Despite it being the dark, wet and cold time of the year. :D)


I ask myself the same question every time I try to study the noun cases.


Because I want to learn the language of my dear neighbor country, it is very different from other neighbors', which are very similar to my language. Also its grammar is very newly and interesting to me.


Suomi on niin söpö ja kaunis mutta vaikea kieli :D


I expected at least some Korpiklaani over here.


Korpiklaani is pretty rad too! Love their stuff as well!


Because I'm making a language with a similar number of cases and need to understand them and how they're used. It's been a great help so far! Also I just love how the language sounds ^^


JRR Tolkien said this language was like a treasure, also the Finnish are introverted so I like that.


Because I love the band Hevisaurus and I find the language to be extremely harmonic and pretty-sounding. Also, my oldest Internet friend is from Finland, and I want to show him what I can do now!


Because I moved here and English is not always enough.


Want to understand what's being said in my dreams


Because I have Finnish in my ancestry and (not to negate whatever reason my great-great grandfather came to North America) I want to someday live in Finland. At least for a time, or to be able to visit often. I've never been to Finland yet, but it is a dream of mine.


I felt a bit guilty towards my ancestors for moving back across the ocean they braved centuries ago. It was so worth it though - repeating their legacy. Come see!


my family as well. I got to finally visit a year ago. I went back to where my ancestors lived, saw their houses and land. You must travel there Sarelle9315. It's in your DNA....and the sooner the better.


Love watching the Finnish crime series "Border Town" and "Dead Wind," and listening to the actors speak Finnish with English subtitles. A beautiful language and a beautiful country that I hope to visit someday.


Because Tolkien developed Quenya on the base of Finnish. Because I adore traveling to Finland and I love the way they speak. And because of brilliant Tove Jansson


Because I'm a masochist and My Summer Car made me a weeb but for Finland and it's none of your business you darn own




I started Duolingo with German and Spanish, since I already have some past knowledge in these languages - why let that disappear? Then I noticed the Finnish course, and just for fun, tried it. And in the course of one single week, I noticed such incredible grammatical differences from all indoeuropean languages I know a bit about, and such similarities with my own mother tongue, Hungarian, that I was sucked in. The way Finnish expresses ownership, the way it asks yes-no questions, the lack of the verb "to have", vowel harmony, and so on... What else will come? I knew that the two languages are cousins. But to notice it so early in a course?! Amazing! Go on, Finnish Duolingo, I can't wait for the sequel!


Not even I know. I woke up and thought "I wanna learn Finnish". I downloaded duolingo and sure enough it was here!


Because i finally have a dream and that is to live in Finland so i need to study its language


Because I like Finland.


Because my girlfriend lives in Finland and I ultimately want to move in with her some day and be able to talk to her family. But mostly just to make her happy :)


Asking the real questions here, heh!


Why Finland "Miksi Suomi" Why the Finnish language "Miksi suomia" or "Miksi suomen kieli"


Close :) Funny enough, 'suomia' means 'to scold'. Somebody must be hearing a lot of suomi when that happens... xD


• "Why Finnish?" = "Miksi suomi/suomea"? (or suomenkielinen)

• "Why the Finnish language?" = Miksi suomi? or "Miksi suomen kieli/kieltä?"

As a comparison:

• "a/the Finnish (one)" = 'suomalainen' or 'suomenkielinen'

• "in Finnish" / "in Finnish language" = 'suomeksi' or 'suomen kielellä'


Suomi doesnt have partitive plural or any plural form(-ia is that partitive plural ending for it's word type though) for there is only one Finland. I think you meant suomea.


Because it sounds like music to me.


Because my boyfriend is Finnish and I love learning languages :D


Because I fell in love with the language! Suomi on kaunis kieli.


Because I moved to Finland and I have to learn Finnish to unlock more possibilities. It feels like decryption. lol


because Lauri Tähkä is a great singer))))


So is Marko Hietala. And also Johanna Kurkela.


Suudellan :), such a great song.


Bc i love Finnish music, and when the covid is over i will visit Finland ( in summer obviously


Hoping to visit Finland sometime in the next few years and perhaps take a weaving course for a summer. This language is so different to the others I already know and it is very exciting to learn it and train my ear to hear and understand!


Because I felt there was not enough pain and agony in my life and I needed more. So I thought I'd try and learn Finnish. I have started this course pleasantly surprised, and expect to finish it sobbing in a corner.


I just signed up for another six month subscription, and am also leery of the day when I look at a lesson and realize I have gotten myself lost in a linguistic jungle. So far that has not happened!

I checked out a children's book from the library, Aiti ja Ramona, a Beverly Cleary book for middle readers, and could only pick out a word here and there. I think the best thing is to be excited about the words I do recognize and not get too discouraged about all the different cases, tenses, or whatever they're called--I didn't do that well diagramming sentences in grammar school!

I hope to continue to enjoy this course and wish the same for you!


I think I tend to have better luck when I can see cognates. Ages ago, I tried to test myself by trying Hungarian on Duolingo, to see if I could manage a cognate-free language and it was a nightmare! I just could not get my head round it at all.

Having said that, they have massively redesigned Duolingo since then in a way that is a vast improvement for sustained repetition, and the Finnish course seems amazingly well put together after my previous, ghastly experience. I am finding it far easier to get to grips with. However, I'm only a little way in, so I still nervous of falling into the horror!


Because my lovely partner is Finnish and I'm seriously considering moving in with them.

Also because I heard a Finnish pun and I really want to know what's funny about it


Koska minä rakastan suomea <3


Because i live in a place that had the highest Finnish immigration in the US, so there is a lot of Finnish culture around me and i think it's very interesting!


Because kantele, hehe


I studied swedish and Norwegian... And wanted to learn something totally dit.


Because i love finland. The languages it self (for me) it's easy flr the prounuce,that is similar to the italian one (my native language) and for me the pronunce is important,like an exemple is that i find danish more diffucult than finnish. Love from italy


To understand suomalainen kaunis nainen ^^,


Impossible to know what they want! Miksi suomi means why Finland


I think there would be a capital S in that case


Absolutely, but you can't hear a capital letter. I got this phrase pronounced.


Because of Häkkinen, Räikkönen, and Bottas


'Miksi suomen kieli?' Would've been easier... 'Miksi suomi' made me think of the country.


The country is written with an uppercase S. Or if you got this in a listening exercise, report it! :D


Because it is gramatically similar to my own language.


Don't judge me, Duo. :)


I have the instinctual dread of this question every time someone asks me "what do you study???"


Koska haluan asua Suomessa


Any Loituma & Ievan Polkka fans here? :D


because it seems cool and quite a challenge :)


Bc bored in quarantine and i wanna live in Finland ;)


Because I'm in Middle School and why not?


Because I wanted some variety in my studies and also want to live in Scandinavia.


My Finnish friend is going crazy, she is raging and I fear for my life. Duolingo please fix this.


The question says, "Translate this into English: Why Finland?" In the first place, it's already in English, so I translated it into Finnish: "Miksi suomi?" Then it tells me I'm incorrect, and the correct answer is "Why the Finnish language?" DUOLINGO, please fix this question. It is totally incorrect.


Because, my girlfriend is Finnish. It is proper to adopt a partner's language out of courtesy. It's also pretty cool.


Because I made friends with a Finnish writer online and I want to be able to read her books


Correct way to understand the statement would have included the word for language = kieli. Even if without the capital letter the word refers to a language and not to a country or people. Why the Finnish language = Miksi Suomen kieli Why finland = Miksi suomi


Actually Why Finland = Miksi Suomi and Why Finnish (language) = Miksi suomi or Miksi suomen kieli.


Bc im bored in quarantine and in future i wanna move here ;)


Because I <3 it! ;)


Täyty harjoitta enemmän!!


What does it mean?


Scandinavian who have played the game Noita


I wrote "why Finnish language" and it marked wrong because i didn't type "why THE Finnish language" not happy to miss it


This is a stupid translation here. Yoi cant guess that miksi suomi is why the finnish language. It could be why Finland.


Finland is written with an uppercase S. Oh, or did you get this in a listening exercise? Then report it! :)


The authors have tried to be cheeky by writing suomi (Finland) without capitalization. This is a common trick in Finnish classes for native speakers. However, the translation is wrong. The correct form would be "miksi suomen kieli?". I am a native speaker so I think I'm going to win this argument.


There are annoying mistakes in English

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