"They think about it seriously."

Translation:Ils y pensent sérieusement.

June 27, 2020

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Why is this wrong: Ils EN pensent sérieusement. ? Thnx!


I don't understand when it's 'y' and when it's 'en'


I've taken this from the TIPS at the start of this exercise.... "Y can actually replace any noun that comes after à , as long as it's not a person! Remember to put it just before the verb"

"The same way y can replace nouns after à, the word en can replace nouns that come after de , as long as it's not a person."

Read the TIPS. It'll answer a lot of questions.


a more complete explanation is available at duome.eu/tips/en/zz on pages 35-36


Thank you. I'll certainly be keeping this link. I wasn't aware of it's existence. It seems very helpful for those of us with a distinctly average education


Thanks Debs - this has only just popped up for me to read - so sorry for not replying sooner. I didn't have the 'tips' at the start - I've noticed they are not on for every exercise any more.


Good luck in your studies!!

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