Translation:Oh wow.

June 27, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Oho is not really oh wow


    Yeah, that's just oh, whereas "oh, wow" would be "oho, vau" or something more colloquial like "no huh huh" etc.


    Or, actually, 'oh' by itself is more like "ai" or "aijaa", and "oho" alone would usually mean 'oops'.

    But if one says "no ohhoh" (emphasized oho), that's similar to 'oh wow' in meaning.


    I'll add to the chorus and point out that if we were translating in the opposite direction then if you wanted to say "wow" in English you don't need "oh" in front of it anyway, so it's doubly strange that it won't accept the translation of wow or oh by itself.


    Oh really? Do we really need "oho"="oh wow"?


    Oho is pretty commonly used in every day Finland. There are areal differences but on some areas it can be thought humorously even an apology.


    isnt that a universal word?


    In my experience, there aren't universal words. For example, this one in Spanish would be «uy». If someone says «oho» in Spanish it would sound weird.


    Why should we learn this? And its not even right. I'm agree with oh huh huh. This says my finn friend lways too :o)


    These expressions are pretty useless for beginners...


    oho, tämä on väärin. :D


    They are used literally everyday so I'd say they're pretty useful. It's only that Duolingo doesn't put them in context. You would say "oho!" when you bump with someone or when you drop something, for example.


    Still, this is not the right level for this kind of expressions. First students should learn the real vocabulary and grammar instead of reactions when bumping with someone or dropping something.


    Actually, learning grammar is interesting, but it's kind of useless if you don't know how to react to the simplest of real-life situations (just my opinion, probably not better or worse than other opinions).


    No matter if you say "oho", "aha", "uhu" or any non-word sound, everyone will get what you want to express based on the situation and no-one will judge your language skills because of that. Wouldn't it be more useful to learn to build a sentence such as "I'm so sorry" or "I hope you're OK" instead of trying to produce a sound that a native speaker would likely shout out? To me this kind of trivia such as interjections, sounds of animals etc. are just sort of anecdotes rather than proper language study.


    Actually, some years ago, there was some discussion on why there's so many Finns who don't say "I'm sorry" in those situations anymore and say just "oho" instead.


    In this case the translation should not be "oh wow"...

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