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  5. "I want you to love me!"

"I want you to love me!"

Translation:Haluan, että sinä rakastat minua!

June 27, 2020



Minä haluan, että sinä rakastat minua. -> This answer should be accepted?


Yes, it should be!


Having 'Minä' proves to be a wrong answer. I am tired of losing a heart because I have/do not have the subject pronoun in the sentence. I know hän and he have to be there, but Minä, sinä, me, te are, if I understand correctly, optional unless the sentence is confusing otherwise.


"Sinä" is not obligatory.


Just wondering what the function of "että" is in this sentence. As far as I can figure, "että" kind of means "that" in English but is also different but I'm not sure how. In this case "rakastat" seem like all you need because it is already infinitive, so I wonder if including että is optional but idiomatic, or if it is actually incorrect without it. If anyone has thoughts, I appreciate it!


It would be incorrect to leave 'että' out. In this Finnish example it's said like "I want that you love me" and että begins the the description of what it is I want [haluan, että -]. If it was something direct, like I want bread, that's just "haluan leipää", but in this sentence it's rather something indirect.


Hmm, "että" is the conjunction that ties the two clauses together. "Minä haluan" is the main clause and "(että) sinä rakastat minua" is the subordinate clause that's the object, the thing that the person wants. "Leipää" is not a clause, just an object in "minä haluan leipää". :)


Thanks, I was wondering the same thing.

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Haluan sinun rakastavan minua.

[deactivated user]

    If mina is optional here why is it not accepted if used?


    Because the course is still in beta. :P

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