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  5. "Hei! Hei! Peruna!"

"Hei! Hei! Peruna!"

Translation:Hey! Hey! A potato!

June 27, 2020



It's a line from a song taught to toddlers in Finnish kindergartens:

Peruna on pyöreä/ peruna on soikea/ peruna on ruoka ihan oikea./ Perunaa kun suuhun vie/ sille alkaa pitkä tie./ Vatsassa sen paras paikka eikös lie!

Peruna on pyöreä/ peruna on soikea/ peruna on ruoka ihan oikea./ Perunaa kun syödä saa/ voimia se kasvattaa./ Suureksi saa meidät pieni peruna./ Hei! Hei! Peruna!


I knew I had to come here to understand the story behind this! Thanks!


Tuo on todella söpö. Hyvä lapset!


Kyllä! Topella söpö!


Now all we need is "Hei hei mitä kuuluu" to be added as well.


The video you linked to is so cute ... but would anyone care to hazard a guess as to why around 1 in 4 people offering a thumbs up or thumbs down gave it a thumbs down? I was shocked to see how many and wondered what bad / outrageous thing was going to happen as the video progressed ... but all was completely normal. Comments are turned off, too.



The number of thumbs down is ~1/1000 views, which is consistent with the usual number of thumbs down given to any video by bot (fake) accounts used mostly to generate spam or other questionable uses (those accounts give randomly thumbs up and down to videos just to display activity). Perhaps the real question is why the number of thumbs up isn't higher. But it might just be because it in a homemade video.


I wanted to randomly give you a downvote just to show activity, but then i thought: I'm better than the other bots. Here's the upvote!


Even in the context of this song, isn't the last line "Goodbye potato"?


The song is fun, but with no context, this exercise makes no sense.


Does not need to make sense. It is here to build vocabulary. You are not going to forget the word for "potato" now, are you?


People (well, women, mostly) in the UK are super-unlikely to forget this word ...

That's because our famous clothing chain, Marks and Spencer, has a Per Una range XD


A very nice mnemonic! There's also another way of remembering the word. While the Finnish word actually has its roots in the Swedish word for "pear", Peruna with a capital letter would mean "as (of) Peru" and potatoes are from the Andes Mountains. It's a fun coincidence. :)


"Peruna" is not the problem. "Hei hei" sometimes means "bye bye" and sometimes "hey hey". Without context, how do we know which? Not having ever heard the song before, it didn't even enter my mind.


i ran into that too


I LOVE this explanation, many thanks for sharing the words of this song!!


not a hot potato then?


Shouldn't "Goodbye potato" be an acceptable answer? "Hei! Hei!" definitely means goodbye....


I thought Duo was calling someone a potato. "Hi! Hi! Potato!" But I guess Finnish probably has a vocative form too which is different.


Unlike Latin, Finnish doesn't have a vocative case. It just uses the nominative instead.


It's a bird! It's a plane! Wait, no... It's a potato!


So that´s why "Hi! Hi! Potato!" didnt work. Bah :P But cute video linked, thanks!


I still don't get it... Why was "Hi! Hi! A potato!" not accepted?


Even if this is from a song, the sentence has no context and thus "Hi. Hi. Potato" should be accepted. It wasn't, hence why I'm here XD

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