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  5. "Millainen sohva hänellä on?"

"Millainen sohva hänellä on?"

Translation:What kind of sofa does he have?

June 27, 2020



Hän is gender neutral so her or his sofa should be an acceptable answer. Also my immediate translation was "what kind of sofa does he/she have" but this is wrong too. If I remember correctly this is where you'd use minkälainen but that doesn't match with other sentences in this course


Minkälainen and millainen mean the same thing and you should be able to use them both, if not, report it.


Thanks, that's what I thought as I've always used Minkäläinen for this sort of question but I'm open to being wrong with these things.


We've added these into the system some time ago, but the course has not caught up with our edits yet. Please report anything you might find missing or just wrong by clicking the flag icon. :)


But you have a mistake: he has - not he have


No this is correct, the third person marker is on the does in this case. Another correct translation using has would be "What kind of sofa has he got?"


The hint said what kind of sofa was a goo translation. Please explain why it is incorrect


Today, I entered "What kind of sofa does he have?", and this was accepted as correct.


Could this be translated as 'What is his sofa like?'


I've seen other sentences like this translated in that manner, so yes. Though technically, "What is his sofa like" translates more directly to 'Millainen hänen sohvansa on?'

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