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"Tuo piirakka on amerikkalainen herkku."

Translation:That pie is an American treat.

June 27, 2020



"Delicacy" should be accepted.


Yup, it should -- did you report it? I've reported it in a few other similar sentences, but hadn't come across this one.


Yes, I did. I'm just commenting here also just in case I'm wrong -English is not my native language.


Accepted January 2021


Took my chevy to the levee but the levee was dry.


Delicacy would be used over treat.


Having trouble understanding when and when not to use partitive. For example: "Mitä herkkua tuo on?" With herkku in partitive, yet "Tuo piirakka on amerikkalainen herkku." So in English, both nouns in the first sentence (Tuo and herkku) are subjects of the copula "on" and same in second sentence, (with Tuo piirakka and herkku on nominative, which is what I would expect. Is it that whenever mitä is used in front of a noun, the noun even if a subject of the copula "on" is in the partitive? I have seen this and have been challenged by this elsewhere here.


It's kind of like "what kind/sort of a treat/delicacy is that" [mitä herkkua tuo on] (emphasis on the 'treat') vs. "what treat/delicacy is that" [mikä herkku tuo on] (emphasis on 'that').


Having grown up in the U.S., I never considered an American pie as a delicacy. A specialty or a treat maybe, but not a delicacy. The American pie is just not refined or "delicate" enough for that description.

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