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  5. "Musti on kiltti koira."

"Musti on kiltti koira."

Translation:Musti is a good dog.

June 27, 2020



Kiltti is most commonly used to mean 'kind'


So in this instance, would kiltti have connotations of "well behaved" or perhaps "gentle"? Not that a dog wouldn't be "kind", but "kind" feels like an odd adjective to apply to a dog.

ETA: Okay, just answered my own question by looking at the word list in DuoMe: "Kiltti: docile, sweet, kind, good, well-behaved". So several connotations of kiltti would, indeed, be applicable to a dog.

(Same source: "Hyvä: bravo, good, fine".)


Yes, it's a word you use when you want to assure someone, that your dog doesn't bite, or be angry easily. If you teach your dog stuff, then the more usual word is "hyvä", as in "gooood boy", "hyvä poika".


That, together with your post below, illustrates it perfectly. Kiitos!

(A cautionary tale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXn2QVipK2o Not kiltti koira.)


:-D such a funny movie. xD


Yes - "good" is more like "hyvä".


Do we need to to be told that hyvä and kiltti can both mean good, so early in the course?


He is a good dog :)


Im typing my answer in Finnish like it has asked me to do and keeps saying im writing it in English. Please fix. Thank you 07/07/21


I think they use "kitti koira" because "kitti" looks like the English word "kitty", which is a strange word to use for a dog.


No, the word "kiltti" (there is an L too) has nothing to do with "kitty". You use it f.ex. if a stranger comes and asks "is it ok if I pet your dog, or does it bite?" And you answer, "no, he doesn't bite, he's a kiltti koira".


I think he was being sarcastic

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