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  5. "Pentu puraisee mummoa."

"Pentu puraisee mummoa."

Translation:The puppy bites grandma.

June 27, 2020



"The cub". I've asked native speakers. According to them, "by default", pentu is a cub, it is not even very evident that it is a puppy (although it more likely to mean puppy than any other cub). So, in the absence of context it is either "the cub" or "the puppy". For "the kitten", "kissanpentu" is much better.


Cub is specific to certain large carnivorous mammals, notably bears and big cats (lions, tigers, etc.) Anyone can look this up and, yes, I am a native speaker. A puppy or kitten is never a cub.


To be more exact:

Pentu = cub / Kitten = kissanpentu / Puppy = koiranpentu


Why "kitten"? There is nothing that indicates it's a cat. "The puppy bites grandma."


Why is my translation "the puppy is biting grandmother" wrong? Is it the "biting" being continuous vs. puraisee being a bite-once-and-release?


It seems fine to translate it using continuous tense but maybe your sentence was not accepted because mummo translates to grandma. Grandmother is isoäiti.


I also used present continuous here and 'grandma', so i think it's marking the verb incorrectly.


Thank you for the clarification on *mummo•.

I really wish they'd stop using cutesy-talk like "grandma" and "bunny" instead of "grandmother" and "rabbit". It's a beastly nuisance, and doesn't actually teach us the language.


We just had, "Pentu kasvaa," the puppy is growing. How do I know these are kittens? As far as I know cub (in regards to animals) usually means bear or wolf, it's not a generic term for any fur baby.


Lol, (Im joking but) maybe we should just have the english translation be "fur baby"


Is the pronunciation of mummoa right here? To me it sounds more like mummaa.


It really is badly pronounced. The combination of o and a is quite soft, at least when I speak, but not 'that' soft. You should hear the o too.


To me it sounded good.


It sounded fine to me as well


Unless you have a visual, you can't tell what animal the pentu is.


I can't seem to figure out when a gerund is acceptable or not. "Is biting" was not accepted, only "bites." There have been instances where both or either or accepted. I'm missing something...


That's not a gerund because it's not functioning as a noun. Anyway, the reason why that's not accepted is because the verb that's being translated is "puraisee", not "puree". The former is temporally confined, expressing a single bite. The -aista/-äista suffix can be used with some verbs to create momentane verbs (the infinitive form of the verb is "puraista"). Momentane is a verb aspect in Finnish and Navajo that indicates that the action is brief.


Reported the pronunciation of mummoa on 29 August 2020


"Pentu" should definitely be yellow here.

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