"J'aimerais plutôt partir au Japon toute seule."

Translation:I would rather like to leave for Japan by myself.

June 27, 2020

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The english solution is not really correct. I would rather leave for Japan etc, carries the meaning of "I would like to leave". The question being answered is something like this: Would you like to leave for japan with us or not? The answer is "I would rather leave by myself" not "I would rather like to leave..." :)


Shouldn't tout seul be possible as well?


Accepted 2020-10-12


Still not accepted 2021-8-23. Reporting again


It depends what the speaker says. I had what sounded like a male's voice saying toute seule and, using the Chrome browser extension, could see that that was the only accepted alternative.

If you are doing the written exercise, both should be accepted.


In Canadian english we would say "Rather, I would like to leave...." or "I would rather leave...".

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    In Canadian English we would say "I would rather go to Japan by myself".


    This seems to be about a preference and would be better as: "I would prefer to leave for Japan by myself/on my own." Using "rather" in the way Duo does makes the whole thing awkward and the meaning confusing.


    Please tell me why, without any context, 'I would like rather to leave for Japan by myself.' is not acceptable. Would one express that differently in French?


    That would be J'aimerais partir plutôt au Japon toute seule.

    "J'aimerais plutôt partir" 402

    "J'aimerais partir plutôt" 155

    "Would rather (like to)" is more British/European perhaps, but quite correct, if I may burst your bubble. The meaning is different. To translate to your American, "wouldn't mind . . . at all" as opposed to "would prefer to".


    Scott, your proposal carries the same meaning as the French sentence, but it seems DL has got itself confused.

    The French construction is used where there are two or more options, and the speaker is expressing a preference for one rather than the other: see here, for example https://www.linguee.com/english-french/search?source=auto&query=J%27aimerais+plut%C3%B4t. In UK English, one of the acceptable translations would be "I would rather leave for Japan on my own", with no need for the "like".

    As SeanFogart says, Duo's version ("I would rather like to ..."), at least in UK English, falls along a sort of scale of desires, running from "I would like to ...", through "I would rather like to ...", to "I would really like to ...".


    This is an awkward sentence to translate into English. I put, "Rather, I would like to leave for Japan all alone." It was wrong.

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