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  5. "Kahvi, kiitos."

"Kahvi, kiitos."

Translation:A coffee, please.

June 27, 2020



Someone has been very pedantic with the translations for this skill. I think "coffee, please" or "coffee, thank you" should be accepted as correct in this situation. Also in the same skill writing "yeah" instead of "yes" on a certain question is considered wrong. A bit unnecessary I would argue.


In english one can order (a) coffee by simply saying "coffee, please". How would I say that in Finnish? If were a betting man I'd say that you'd say "kahvi, kiitos", right? Therefore "coffee, please" should, in my humble opinion, be accepted. Please correct me if I'm wrong.


In a coffee shop or restaurant I am much more likely just to say "Coffee, please." I agree that it should be accepted. Did you report it?


The 'problem' here is probably that 'coffee, please' would translate more to 'kahvia, kiitos'. So while 'coffee, please' might be more natural to say (some people in the forums actually argue it's more natural in Finnish to say 'kahvia, kiitos' as well), the fact 'kahvi' is used in stead of 'kahvia' tells us it should be 'a coffee' instead of just 'coffee'.


I thought this meant 'coffee please'. E.g. replying to someone asking whether you want tea or coffee. Is this wrong?


That would be "kahvia, kiitos". Also the person asking would say "kahvia vai teetä?". In nominative it's "a coffee" and not just some undefined amount of coffee.


I believe that Finns drink the most coffee per capita on the planet, somewhere j read before i think


Yes, that is true!


"a coffee' vs. "coffee" convey the same message, why is the article so important?


There's not much of a difference. However:

"Kahvi, kiitos." - A (cup of) coffee, please.

"Kahvia, kiitos." - (some undefined amount of) Coffee, please.


I think that the questions in this round haven't been thought through at all, it's extremely hard to answer some of these that are given with no context as to whether you would be saying please or thank you when in different situations both are correct.


Most would say coffee please. Not a coffee

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