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  5. "– Onko hänellä kylmä? – On."

" Onko hänellä kylmä? On."

Translation:– Is he cold? – He is.

June 27, 2020



These question/answer AUDIOs should be revamped. Either leave a pause between the question and the answer, or else get a different voice for the answer.

It is confusing to the ear to hear it all run together as one non-stop sentence in a single voice.


I think that too. It is so confusing that a Question sounds like normal sentence, too.


That's how it's supposed to be. The intonation is the same in statements and questions in Finnish. But I agree that it'd be nice if they were able to get more voices, but I suppose the service they buy their robot voices from doesn't yet provide other ones.


So be it the same voice, but with a little pause between question and answer. So much more convenient


Shouldn't it be "onko hän kylmä?"? Since I'm understanding that "hänellä" means "he/she has"


"Hänellä on kylmä" is the normal way to say someone is feeling cold. "Hän on kylmä" sounds more like emotionally cold, or like you found someone unconscious in the snow and that person feels cold to you.


confusing though that the previous sentence was Hän and not Hänellä (I think!) onko Hän kuuma? - on It is quite restrictive not to be able look back at something


It is the same in Dutch. Ik heb het koud. Translates to: "I have it cold". So the Fins use "I have" the same way the Dutch use it and not the English way by saying: I have it cold.


I think it is like spanish. "Tengo frio" means "I have cold". I am Mexican born and that's how we would say it.


I'm a bit confused, shouldn't there be the Verb after Hänella or any form of have in finnish? please if someone could clear my doubt, I think it should

-Onko Hänellä on Kylmä ?- On.

please someone tell me if this is okay or if I'm wrong and why D:


The verb is in "onko". The ending -ko indicates a question.

Hänellä on = He/she has

Onko hänellä? = Does he/she have?


I wrote "Is she cold? she is." Why NG?


How do we know whether this is he or she, aren‘t either acceptable in this scenario?


Both are most certainly acceptable. If you see that one of them isn't, then use the report feature — the beta is still missing a lot of acceptable translations.


Both are acceptable.


Why is singular they never accepted for Hän and Hänellä?


Onko hänellä kylmä? Does he/she feeI cold?

Does the form apply to all other feeling? For example, onko sinulla on lämmin? (Do you feel warm?)

Please, I look forward to your answers.


Yes, onko sinulla lämmin is also correct, as is onko sinulla kuuma? (hot) and onko sinulla hauskaa/tylsää? (fun/boring) but not all feelings. Some are expressed with "I am" instead of "I have" (sad: olen surullinen, jealous: olen kateellinen) or verbs (itchy: minua kutittaa, annoyance: minua ärsyttää).


Can "On" also mean I am in this situation?


It would be "olen". And the question would be "onko sinulla kylmä?"


the given sentence was in poorly worded English .


If he were dead, he'd likely be cold to the touch, so I believe 'Onko hän kylmä?' would be appropriate. In contrast, 'Onko hänellä kylmä?' is asking if he perceives his environment to be cold.

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