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I can't see the full followers and following list

If you have more than 10 followers or if you are following more than 10 people, you can't see the rest on your list. Why is it?

August 16, 2012



This should not be the case.


I can see the full list on my home PC (Windows 7, Chrome), but can only see a partial list on my work PC (tried on Explorer and Firefox, XP).


Only the first ten are shown under Firefox Nightly 17 as well.


Same here in Internet Explorer. (When you click on the rankings for points/translations it doesn't happen, only when you click above on Following and Followers).

Does not happen in Firefox (version 11) for me. Chrome works fine as well.


Safari works fine too. But I am using Firefox 14.0.1 and it shows the partial list.


I only see the partial list too (first ten). I just assumed that was the way it was meant to be.

Using the Firefox 14.0.1 build for Ubuntu.


I used to see the whole list up until a couple of months ago. I thought they changed it on purpose.


Xoviat, Firefox NIGHTLY 17 Is Not Outdated!


I've been having this problem for a long time. Firefox, Win 7/64.


I have a simple answer. Every software program has certain limitations.Or this program performs better on Windows 7 or Chrome. I have never been able to see more than 10 followers.

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