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"Herra Pöllönen, sinulla on kaunis koti."

Translation:Mr. Pöllönen, you have a beautiful home.

June 27, 2020



If one addresses someone with Herra or Rouva, shouldn't the plural pronoun be used? That is, teillä instead of sinulla?


We Finns are a bit odd when it comes to being formal these days. We don't really like being formal but sometimes we have to be, so we try to get away with as much informality as possible. :)

[Edit: I think I am going to edit this sentence, since it's too complicated for beginners.]


Is there any particular reason behind it?


Need for personal space probably. We do not like it when people draw attention to our social position or wealth. Bragging is a cardinal sin in Finland, so putting people in a position where their status cannot be ignored is considered rude by most people. Paying compliments is a tricky business in Finland. :)


Wow, important cultural insight! Thank you.

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