"Proposons-le-lui tout à l'heure, pas maintenant."

Translation:Let's offer it to her later, not now.

June 27, 2020

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I'm not sure what is and isn't accepted. But the best translation would be something like ‹Let's offer it to her very soon/in a moment but not right now› I wouldn't translate ‹tout à l'heure› as "later." There are better constructions for that. ‹Tout à l'heure› indicates a time very close to the present moment. The non-literal use of "in a minute" is probably the closest English has


Toute à l'heure = later?


I think it can mean either soon or later. Tout de suite is right away, so this is a little after that. If someone is saying goodbye and says "tout à l'heure", it means "see you later" or "see you soon". So I think in the context of the exercise, which ends with "not now", it is correctly translated as "later".


see you later! à tout à l’heure ! à plus tard !


For all those who have ever repeated the old cliché that French is "such a logical language," well, this sentence is one of four-twenty-nineteen* reasons why I think they're crazy to say that!

*99, obviously. Isn't it only logical?


I don't find your words to be logical either. But I'm not blaming that on the language!


Funny, my logic tends to translate "tout à l'heure" more in a "in due time" kind of way both in english and spanish. I always get this one wrong.


I think it means in a little while or shortly, not later.


It was quite confusing to me when I clicked on the phrase "tout à l'heure" to see the proposed translation and the first two options I got were "later" and "earlier". Quite contradictory, isn't it?. Or can it mean both depending on the way you use it? I'd love to get some advice on that from an experienced French speaker.


I've heard French people say things like- ce que j'ai dit tout à l'heure- referring to something they've said maybe 5-10 mins beforehand. so it can mean a short time ago or a short time in the future.


for tout a l'heure : "in a little while"


for proposons-le-lui : " let's suggest it to him..."


i think in a little while should be accepted here


How can you tell it's to ' HER' ?


You can't! It could be him or her. Depends on who you're talking about.

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