"Duo, tu es le premier hibou vert que je rencontre."

Translation:Duo, you are the first green owl that I'm meeting.

June 27, 2020

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This is a literal translation from French, and it isn't really good English. A better translation would be "you are the first green owl that I've met."


Exactly. This is one of those situations where the French tense doesn't align with the English. As translated, it suggests that I'm going to meet several green owls and Duo is just the first. Weird!


Yes, it is weird, but many of the sentences about Duo are weird. I think your translation is correct: "Duo, you are the first green owl that I'm meeting. Trio, you are the second, and Quattro, you are the third."

The intent is to teach that, as in English, the present tense can express the immmediate future.

When the present is used to express the future in French and English then a time reference is often included: "Duo, you are the first green owl that I'm meeting [today]" but the time reference is not required. From my French textbook:

"Ne cours pas! Je t'attends."

"Don't run! I will wait for you."

Because the French sentence is presented without context (as is usual in Duolingo) we have to guess at the context. Choosing a context where the sentence is talking about the past is a perfectly reasonable choice but I don't think the composer of the sentence had that context in mind.


I agree in French the present tense is wheras we use the past tense in this situation, still the English should be 'that I've met' unless the meeting is in the future then it would be 'that I'm meeting.


------- or even, "... even met ... " . . .

Big 17 jul 20


Dont you mean 'ever met'?


The answers need to be moderated by a competent English speaker.


I've suggested this idea several times and I'm happy to volunteer for it. It should be relatively simple to implement and automate vetting by competent native English speakers.


Use the option to report it. I've started to receive emails that inform me that my answers have now been incorporated, so somebody is paying attention :)


French speakers, PLEASE never say this sentence in English. People will think that you don't know the language. It should be "met", even if it is the first time you meet that thing.


Very poor English!


Just throwing another comment in that the English makes absolutely no sense. Please fix!


What's the difference between this and chouette?

[deactivated user]

    Un hibou is an owl with feather tufts on its head that pop up and look like ears when it's stressed.


    ...and I thought Duo was a chouette...?

    Which species of owl IS he? We need to know!


    Now I'm getting cross! How can you, at DL, try to correct my English, when you produce a translation such as this!?


    Duo isn't correcting your English. It's teaching you French. This clumsy translation is ugly, but it makes me remember to use French present tense instead of English past tense. For me, that's what I want, since I already speak beautiful English.


    Why wouldn't it make you remember the other way? If the English translation was in the past tense, that would reinforce the idea that you ask in French in the present. And in fact, I'm not sure that you do have to use the present tense in French. I think it's optional, so...


    ...I have met. Roody-Roo, you have to correct this otherwise Duo won't accept your beautiful English. And we will all have to write broken English to pass the lesson.


    Roody-Roo has absolutely no influence on what Duo puts in the exercises.


    "... that I'm meeting." As everyone is saying, that's really not English


    Better still stop producing silly exercises about dinosaurs in your bathroom or skiing with green owls? How about one with all the products in a supermarket you could buy, or filling up at a petrol station, or breaking down on the motorway, going to a campsite, something useful please!


    If you want a learn-by-rote phrasebook, buy one.

    But if you want to learn how to construct sentences, and how the language works, you're in the right place.


    I agree with Black_Cherries. I´m meeting is used for future plans. I´m meeting him tomorrow, for example.


    "Hey, Pina, fancy seeing you here..."
    "Yeh, I came into town today because I'm meeting Black_Cherries - and here they are now."


    "I am meeting" has not been allowed. Could see it wanted present tense, so frustrating


    In English the verb to meet needs a helping verb "am meeting" present or future tense or "have met" past tense." I meet" is almost always, if properly used, a future tense As in "I meet him in one hour.".


    said no english person, ever!


    Who writes this stuff. Either learn to write grammatically correct sentences or find another job! This is sooooo frustrating!


    this is a literal translation but terrible english!


    Well, that is impressive. There are at present 50 answers that Duo accepts for this exercise, and every dang one of them is wrong. They all say either, "...that I'm meeting", "...that I am meeting", or "...that I meet". Nope, nope and nope.


    terrible english


    If Duo really is un hibou then the translation should be "green long eared owl" or equivalent, not simply "green owl"! Even horny green owl would be better!

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