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"Espanja todella on tärkeä kieli."

Translation:Spanish really is an important language.

June 27, 2020



I think the position of really is incorrect.


I wouldn't say it's incorrect, it just places more emphasis on Spanish being an important language in this order. I would translate todella as truly rather than really in this context. I think that "Spanish truly is an important language" sounds more natural to me as a native English speaker.


"Truly" sounds more natural than "really" for me - not native English speaker - as well. ))


It should be accepted to swap "is" and "really".


It has a different meaning if you shift the 'really' (and the 'todella') - it's explained in the tips and notes for this section, about half-way down the page: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fi/language_1/tips-and-notes


It can be said like that, it means like spanish TRULY is an important language.


Yes, I put Spanish is a really important language. Should be accepted please.


That would be "espanja on todella tärkeä kieli" in Finnish.


Under the "Tips" section (On their website, I'm not sure about the App) it goes into detail regarding why, "On Todella, and "Todella On" are both used and sometimes are interchangeable, but not always.


The tip rather explains that the position on "todella" determines how it relates to the sentence. Although the word order is quite free in Finnish, all the words can't be put just anywhere. Like adjectives and some other words, also "todella" appears directly before the word it determines.

"Todella tärkeä" means "really important" in the sense of "very important".

"Todella on (tärkeä)" instead means that something "really is (important)", i.e. it truly is important.

I think that the English speakers do not really distinguish a difference between these two positions, so in this case the word order is stricter in Finnish.


Either position is correct. I think the program is showing us that in Finnish you can put it in either order with the same slight difference in meaning as in English. Just accept that as an interesting feature of Finnish word order and move on.


To me Duo's notes make the difference very clear. At least there is a clear distinction in Finnish as there is in English. It might be clearer to English speakers if the translation were "Finnish is really an important language." (as opposed to not important) or "Finnish is a really important language," (i.e. very important, more than just important).


yeah exactly. I think under Tips it alludes that you cannot always use "todella on", where "on todella" should be. But for the most part they are interchangeable, and Duo just wants us to translate it as exact as we can. Syntax/Sentence structure is important when trying to convey certain things, it's why English uses like 3 different ways to say the same sentences lol.


@jgc: Your last sentence is a contradiction as different sentences, where words are differently interrelated ("syntax/sentence structure") do not "say the same sentences." With two languages from such distinct language families literal translation sometimes is not possible. (Sept 2020)


Spanish really is important implies, that it might not have been: as it turns out, spanish really IS important (as opposed to isn't)

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