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"On ne mange pas le fromage avec de la mayonnaise !"

Translation:We don't eat cheese with mayonnaise!

June 27, 2020



why fromage is "le" and mayonnaise "de la"?


I have the same question.


I've been used to "On ne mange pas DE fromage..." since I started out on Duolingo. Who else remembers: "Je ne mange pas de viande, je ne bois pas de soda" et cetera?

So why's this one suddenly "On ne mange pas LE fromage..."?


Same question, surely it's de fromage and not le fromage. Referring to my notes, I have even written down a previous example and that used de fromage.

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Both "de" and "le" are possible here depending on the original sentence. After a negative, only the indefinite articles (un, une, des) or partitive articles (du, de la, des) playing the role of direct object will change to "de". The definite articles (le, la, les) always remain the same. Therefore,

  • On mange du fromage. -> On ne mange pas de fromage.
  • On mange le fromage. -> On ne mange pas le fromage.

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"We are not eating cheese with mayonnaise" is marked wrong. Seriously, I've been having so many similar complains with these sets of new lessons.


The french sentence is not a description of something happening, it's more an advice or a prohibition , one must not eat cheese with mayonnaise !


Is it just the use of "on" that makes this so? And is there an obvious way to tell, in such a situation, whether "on" means "one" or "we"?


It's a habit so we can't use the progressive form.


Duo is just garbage with ambiguous sentences like this.


Mayonnaise is treated as an uncountable quantity requiring the partitive "de la" but it seems to me that cheese ought to be treated exactly the same in a sentence like this no? I'm thinking "du fromage" becoming "de fromage" in the negation instead of the given "le fromage". Am I thinking about this incorrectly? thanks in advance.


Your loss. It tastes great!


Just dip the cheese into the mayo or as 2 parts of a dish like a sandwich?


Why not - We don't eat the cheese with the mayonnaise?


Why is there a "de"?


OK, so because the world capital of obesity achieved this title by adding ultra high calorie condiments to all sorts of food that do not require anything, Duo feels it is necessary to point out that cheese is already fattening enough without the mayo!

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