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  5. "Yksi pihvi, ole hyvä."

"Yksi pihvi, ole hyvä."

Translation:Here you are, one steak.

June 28, 2020



I don't get the English translation here.

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It's supposed to be something said by the waiter when they hand over your steak. The English part doesn't feel very fluent to me but it conveys the meaning of the Finnish sentence quite directly.


I don't think any waiter has ever said something like that.


When you, fir example, order a steak in a restaurant, the waiter could say "here you are, one steak" when they bring it to you. It pretty much means the same as "here you go, your steak" or "here, <sub>~</sub>"


It is being said by a waiter serving the steak


No context given means you ought to accept the common translation of "one steak, please".


A waiter wouldn't say "one steak, please".

You: "yksi pihvi, kiitos" - one steak, please/thank you

Waiter, when they bring you your food: "yksi pihvi, ole hyvä" - here you are, one steak

(I do agree, however, that the sentence is a bit unnatural, but as the language cannot be very complicated this early in the course, there aren't really that many options.)


In England we would say here you are or there you go but in Finland ole hyvä is used pretty well every time you hand anything over. Closest thing is German bitte when you hand something over.

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    The Finnish sentence should be constructed so that it can be translated correctly. Not by the meaning.


    Le voici, ta viande


    In english, here you go AND here you are, mean the exact same thing.

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