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Mina olen or Olen

When do you use both and when do you use Olen?

June 28, 2020



Minä (I) and sinä (You) are optional. "Sinä olet kaunis" and "Olet kaunis" are the same. Hän (s/he) however is required. "Hän on kaunis"

-The "tips" sections of Basics 2 has a statement on this


To add a bit more explanation... Hän can be dropped sometimes when you answer a question (and so it's very clear who you're talking about). For example:

  • Onko hän kaunis? (Is s/he beautiful?)

  • On (kaunis). (Yes. Literally: is (beautiful).)

The adjective doesn't need to be repeated in the answer either, just like the pronoun. In this case I think if you repeat the adjective in the answer, it sounds more admiring of the person's beauty, while just the verb sounds more like a confirmation of a fact. This goes into some finer nuances of the language though.


Yes! We tend to avoid repeating so "Onko hän kaunis?" "Hän on kaunis." sounds weird and unnatural. With these kinds of yes/no questions or questions where you are confirming something, the subject can be dropped for this reason.


The same in spoken language: "Onk se kaunis?" -"O!".


Also, note that in spoken Finnish pronouns are frequently used, but the first and second person singular pronouns are shortened: minä = mä, sinä = sä.


In some parts of Finland minä & sinä can get some other forms too, like mie & sie or mää & sää.


Yes, true! Also important to note.

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